Social Media

The Marketing Office at Bluefield College would like to assist faculty and staff members as they engage students, alumni, and friends through social media channels. As you begin the process of creating facebook pages and twitter accounts please be mindful of our social media policy. Below are a few recommendations we have for you to make the most of your social media accounts.

view social media policy



Monitor online conversations and participate in them to build brand visibility and online community


Identify and analyze issues, patterns and trends in your followers. Pay attention to your “Weekly Facebook Page Updates” and “Facebook Insights”.

Create Content 

Help spread the word about Bluefield College! Work with the Marketing Office and others at BC to spead the word about exciting news and events that pertain to your audience.

Post Interactive Content

Create interactive content that engages your online community. Video and pictures are a great way to engage your followers in an interactive way.

Seed Conversations 

Post questions to encourage user generated content. Use facebook polls to engage your followers.