School of Education Blog

Warm, caring and professional relationships form and last for a lifetime among graduates, faculty and staff in the School of Education at Bluefield College.

From initial advising through varied course work, and onto the joys and challenges of student teaching, our faculty members are always ready to encourage and guide students to become reflective practitioners. If your passion is to positively impact children and adolescents as a public school teacher, then the Bluefield College School of Education welcomes you to begin that journey with us.

Bluefield College is a Christ-centered, private, liberal arts college, affiliated with the Baptist General Association of Virginia, which seeks to provide personalized opportunities for growth of mind, body, and spirit within a solid Christian context.

Wayside Teaching

One of the primary goals for the School of Education is to encourage our students to develop their skills as reflective practitioners. One of the topics that we promote is the idea of wayside teaching, a phrase coined by Frank Charles Winstead. During the student teaching semester, students...