Grants and Scholarships at Bluefield College

We can help you meet the financial challenge of paying for your education. Bluefield offers scholarships and grants that are based on merit (your good grades) and your financial need. There are also many loan programs and federally based work-study jobs that will be considered in the quest to find what you need.

Most things of great value do not have small price tags. An education at Bluefield is not inexpensive, but we will do everything we can to make it affordable. The next four years of your college experience will be priceless - the learning, the growing, and the experiences that will shape the rest of your adult life. There are many ways to help you pay for the priceless education and experience you will receive at Bluefield College.

Outside Scholarships

Outside scholarship information for the upcoming school year.

Grants and Scholarships

A complete list of scholarships and grants offered at Bluefield College.

How To Make It All Work

A step by step guide to financial aid at Bluefield College.