After reading the Residence Hall Agreement below, please fill out and submit the following contract.

If there are additional students in your family needing to submit a contract, they will have the opportunity to do so following completion of the first.

On-campus Residency Requirements

The College requires all students to reside on campus unless any of the following qualifications are met:

  1. The student is within 30 credit hours of completing degree requirements.
  2. The student resides at home with a parent or legal guardian within a 45-mile radius of the College.

While living on campus, students must purchase a meal plan. At least a 100-count meal plan is required for all students living in on campus apartments.

If you receive Bluefield College talent scholarship dollars, you will be required to reside on campus until graduation. This is applicable to student-athletes receiving athletic grant-in-kind funds, music, drama, or art scholarships. All students receiving talent funds must reside in campus-provided housing. Failure to adhere to this policy will result in room and board being charged to your account.

Age limit Policy

Students twenty-six (26) years of age or older at the beginning of the current academic year must reside off campus. For information regarding residing on or off campus, contact the Office of Student Development. This does not apply to married couples applying for on-campus married housing.

Room Assignments

The Department of Residence Life attempts to make room assignments with consideration for mutual roommate requests and special factors made known in advance to the staff. Assignments are made based on the date of deposit and every effort is made to assign students with roommates who have compatible living habits and similar goals. Please note that the College cannot guarantee your assignment to a particular room and/or residence hall.

Bluefield College has five residence halls on campus. Room furnishings in Cruise and Rish Hall include a bed, desk and chair, chest of drawers, a closet, and a Micro Fridge Unit. Room furnishings in East River include a bed, desk and chair, a wardrobe, and a Micro Fridge Unit. Each hall is designed with a lobby, sitting room with television, laundry room, and computer lab. The married apartments come furnished; however, the cottages do not. Alumni Hall is furnished with a bed, chest of drawers, desk chair, built-in desk and shelves, and a Micro Fridge Unit. Each room is equipped with a cable television connection and Internet accessibility.

Cruise Hall and Rish Hall are three-story residence halls with two and three-person rooms. East River is a three-story residence hall with men and women housed on separate floors and single and two-person rooms. East River also has four married apartments and single and double occupancy rooms. Alumni Hall is a three-story residence hall with single rooms.

Bluestone Commons are apartment style housing with males and females housed in separate buildings. Each unit houses four individuals with two single rooms and one double occupancy room. Each room contains a bed, chest of drawers, closet, desk and desk chair with the shared room having two of each item. The apartment has two bathrooms, a full kitchen, furnished dining and living room, and washer and dryer in each unit.

Students requesting a private room in either Rish or Cruise Hall must pay a fee, which is an additional 40% of the double room rate.

The College reserves the right to make all residence hall, room and roommate assignments, and reassignments. Every effort will be made to honor your request; however, we cannot guarantee your request unless you and your roommate request each other. The College does not discriminate against any person because of race, color, national origin, ethnic origin, religion, or physical handicap.

While living on campus, you must purchase a meal plan. Valley Food Services at Bluefield College offers residential students a meal plan through the cafeteria, as well as the Starbucks Kiosk with $50.00 in additional flex dollars for the Starbucks Kiosk. For more information regarding Bluefield College’s meal program, please contact Food Services.

Housing Policies & Terms and Conditions

On-campus living at Bluefield College offers a unique and valuable opportunity for all residents to learn and grow within a Christian community of students from widely varying backgrounds, interests, and Christian traditions. The college desires that all residents live comfortably within this environment, skilled at integrating classroom learning with out-of-class experiences, and challenged to grow in all aspects of life.

To accomplish these goals and better order our life together, we have established certain expectations for living in the community here at Bluefield College. These guidelines are meant for mature, responsible individuals, but in no way cover all the possible conflicts and questions that arise during a year. Some of the policies are designed to create norms of behavior within a large, diverse group of people, while others are meant to preserve the appearance and function of College-owned property.

Residents are encouraged to conduct themselves in a mature manner and to avoid inappropriate behaviors and resulting consequences. Students involved in infractions of residence hall and campus policies will be referred to the disciplinary process of Bluefield College. (See the Student Handbook for complete details on the Student Conduct Code and the Accountability Policy.) Appropriate sanctions will be given to restore the individual to healthy membership in the community. These sanctions may include warnings, fines, hall contract review/cancellations, community service hours, educational sanctions, probationary periods, and suspensions.

It must be kept in mind, however, that it is impossible to list every possible inappropriate and/or offensive behavior/attitude that would be worthy of confrontation and/or disciplinary action. Therefore, the Residence Life Staff reserves the right to confront inappropriate and/or offensive behaviors/attitudes not documented in the Student Handbook or Guide to Residence Life and may even impose disciplinary action.

In the event of damage by fire, water, stream, or other agents that render a room unfit for occupancy; the College reserves the right to reassign you to alternate college-housing accommodations. If alternate quarters are not available, the housing contract may be terminated. The College shall not be liable, directly or indirectly, for loss of or damage to any article of personal property or vehicle anywhere on the premises caused by fire, water, stream, the elements, insufficient heat, loss or surges of electricity, or the actions of third persons. Your personal property is not covered by college insurance. You should carry your own insurance protection against loss of or damage to your personal property.

Room Guidelines

Rooms are expected to be kept clean and orderly. Food should be stored in sealed containers to avoid attracting bugs and rodents. Residents are responsible for what happens and what is allowed to happen in their rooms.

Personalized rooms are encouraged; however, writing and painting on the wall are prohibited. If the room is not returned in its original condition upon checking out, a fee will be charted to the resident(s) for the damage.

Wall posters and pictures must be attached to the walls with plastic tacks or 3M © tape. No nails or double-sided tape of any kind is permitted on doors or walls in the residence halls.

There shall be no public display of offensive materials in windows, dorm rooms, hallways, or other public rooms. Therefore, partially nude and/or offensive pictures or decorations, beer cans, liquor bottles, or posters with alcohol or other drug images may not be displayed within the rooms or windows.

Visitation Policy

The Visitation Policy strives to provide you with personal freedom that promotes self-regulation, while at the same time, sets forth guidelines to promote a healthy Christian environment for living and learning. Appropriate Christian behavior is expected of all students and guests. Open halls are a privilege and meant to encourage social interaction. All open hall participants are expected to conduct themselves in a mature and inoffensive manner. Violations of open hall rules may result in disciplinary action.

The Student Handbook should be consulted and followed on rules of a more serious nature and/or broader scope relating to such things as drug/alcohol use, dishonesty, physical and psychological abuse, harassment, pornography, racism, sexual conduct, and theft.

Contract Agreement

I understand that this is a legally binding contract and that I will be responsible for all room and board fees for each semester. Upon check-in, the Residence Life Staff will inventory my room and I will review and sign the Room Inventory Form (RIF), which records the condition of the room and its contents. I will take custodianship of the room upon signing the form and until the room is vacated. Any damages incurred to the room throughout the time of occupancy will be billed to my account in the Business Office. Any damages incurred to the room during my final semester at Bluefield College will be taken from the damage deposit and extends to damage caused by guests.

I understand that if permanent space is not available, I will be placed in Supplemental Housing. I understand that being assigned to Supplemental Housing does not relieve me from financial obligations of the Residence Hall Contract Agreement.

I further understand that in order to cancel this contract, I must notify the Department of Residence Life in writing as outlined in the terms and conditions above.