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Spring Formal Fun

Mar 26, 2012

I’m on top of the ladder that lets me reach to the ceiling of the caf. The music starts playing, and I start dancing. Anthony rolls his eyes at me. On the ground I can see Quack, Caitlin, and Amber, dancing, too, as they try on the court’s prizes. I laugh with them from so many feet up. My hands reach up to tie the next balloon, but we’re getting ready for the dance. And so my hands tie the knot with the beat.


Spring Formal starts weeks before. I began by asking student organizations for their nominations. Names enter my head: SGA, Caleb Bittler and Cary Carpenter. BCM, Matt Hayes and Sarah Mason. Student Ambassadors, Big John Bergner and Morgan Jefferson. Eleven “couples” were nominated. The convo before the dance we took the vote. I counted votes, and then dealt with my friend, Jahlisa, harassing me at dinner, lunch, the quad. “Did I win?”


I laughed, told her I wouldn’t tell her, and kept eating my dinner.


Dance Day started with spray paint. Hindsight taught me that spray paint was not the best way to turn brown, green. But even so, after two hours of weird looks and a tired index finger, the base pieces for what would be an Emerald City were finished.


Spring Formal 2012 held the theme of The Emerald City. We felt like with St. Patrick’s Day being so close we needed to have a “green-themed” dance. I hung up flyers of the Emerald City. March  16 came sooner than I expected. Soon we were trying to get centerpieces made, and Rachael Stairs was staying up too late trying to download the music.


And so that is how I ended up on top of a ladder, tying balloons to the ceiling, hoping that it would look like they were floating. Codey Smith would pass up six or so balloons for me to tie, and then I would climb down, so that we could move the ladder and start again.


It went slower than I expected. After that we still had to lay the yellow brick road, construct the Emerald City backdrop, and decorate the pillars with lights and tulle. An hour later I was getting tired. My feet hurt. I wanted a shower. We were stressed. But I kept remembering that in the long run, everything was going to be OK.


And it was. The balloons looked surreal, the city looked amazing, the centerpieces were elegant. I went to my room, showered, did my hair, ate some food, and headed back to the dance.


The night wasn’t perfect. Court seemed like chaos. A few people were offended by even the edited version of one song in particular. And a balloon on the ceiling slowly deflated. But overall, people were smiling and dancing. Court was wonderful. The BC Ram mascot danced. The food was incredible.


Afterward we cleaned up in a daze. Amber and Caitlyn were singing as we moved tables. We had tired laughs and slap happy silly laughs. But cleanup went faster than setup, and we were finished at a record time of one hour and 15 minutes.


That night I went to the Omelet Spot in Princeton and laughed with friends as we ate breakfast too early in the morning. And I was happy and tired. The dance is a lot of work. But at the end of the day, everything comes together. And we are all able to have a few more incredible memories.