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Inspiration on Campus

Mar 04, 2012

For those who know me well it’s not a surprise when I say my guilty pleasure is buying fashion magazines. I enjoy flipping through and getting inspiration for either creating outfits from pieces I already own or exploring styles that can update my look. I also follow a few fashion blogs online. I’m always looking for new ideas and fresh inspiration.

Bethany Liddle


There are also several ladies on BC’s campus that have great style. Seeing them as I walk to class I often say to myself (and them), “That’s a great outfit.” So many of my friends have different styles and are so creative about how they put together the pieces in their wardrobe. Two friends in particular who have agreed to be part of my column this month are BC seniors Hannah Spicer and Bethany Liddle.


Bethany describes her style as girly, country and casual. She said she doesn’t consider herself fashionable but thinks that fashion is something you feel comfortable in and feel good wearing. Some of her favorite pieces in her wardrobe are sundresses, cowboy boots, pearls and jeans.


Her advice for students who don’t have time in the morning to put thought into an outfit is to pick out outfits the night before. She said instead of throwing on a pair of sweatpants, grab jeans.


Hannah’s style is bohemian with key pieces like Converse shoes, big earrings and graphic T-shirts. To her, fashion means portraying her personality through her clothing. Her tips for the student who is running late are to just do your eye makeup then throw on a trusty pair of jeans and a clean T-shirt.

Hannah Spicer

Of course even these ladies have their days when they just don’t care what they throw on. Bethany said her lazy day go-to is jeans or sweatpants with a hoodie and a ponytail, while Hannah grabs sweatpants and her favorite tie-dye T-shirt.


Bethany’s advice to other BC students is to be yourself and wear what makes you feel beautiful.


Hannah said the most important part of fashion is to be true to yourself.


“Fashion just gives people a tiny sliver of who you are,” she said.  “Those that possess true fashion are the ones who are comfortable in their own skin and in turn comfortable in their own clothing.”