Each year in the spring and fall, we invite BC alumni to our Ram2Ram alumni and student networking event to connect with students to exchange in dialogue about careers, graduate school, Christianity in the workplace, finding the right fit, and more.

Alumni have generously shared career advice and networking opportunities for students and fellow alumni. Check it out below.

We asked alumni to provide video advice to our students and here’s what they had to say.

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Video Advice

Each year, we ask alumni to answer a series of questions about careers, grad school, and more. Find out how they responded.

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Survey Results

Alumni can participate in Ram2Ram Networking in one of three ways:

Give Advice By Video
Grab your phone, video yourself answering one or two of the questions linked below, and upload your video using the link below.



Give advice in writing
Use the form below to answer any or all of the Ram2Ram questions. We'll compile the answers and share. Provide Advice
Grow their professional network
If you have LinkedIn, share your LinkedIn profile in the networking form. No LinkedIn? No problem. You can still use the survey below to share your networking information. We'll provide our students, and you, with a list and map of alumni and friends across the globe who are willing to network with fellow Rams. Access Networking Form

For more information, contact Nicole Kaklis, Director of Alumni Relations and Annual Fund Giving at 276.326.4370 or  .