Psychology Major Experiences at Bluefield College

Courtney Robertson
Katie Warren

Courtney Robertson

Class of 2012

“The three and a half years I spent at Bluefield College were some of the most memorable and also the most challenging years. I was pushed to excel and taught to not settle for anything less than my absolute best. My professors cared about me academically but also outside of class and taught me to grow not only academically, but spiritually and emotionally. I learned to view life outside of the box and received hands-on experience through research projects and internships that gave me an upfront view of the workforce and areas I was interested in making my career. I made lifelong friendships in those few years, I matured academically, but most importantly I grew spiritually.

The Psychology Department at Bluefield kept me focused and encouraged me to keep reaching for my goals. I distinctly remember one assignment to formulate a mission statement for our lives, or what we wanted to accomplish moving forward. For me, it is still vivid in my mind like I just wrote it yesterday. It is still a driving part in my spiritual, academic, professional, and personal life. "Above all, I will translate my caring spirit as I seek to provide psychosocial interventions to patients and families as I long to draw others to the Kingdom of God." I want that to be my legacy. I am grateful for the time taken to not just teach me material from a textbook, but to make the material come to life, where I not just memorized material for a test, but made it part of my life and future studies. I am confident that the reason I passed my Child Life Certification examination was not from hours of cramming right before, but from the years spent at Bluefield learning concept after concept and learning how to apply them to situations. The hands-on experience and the opportunity to actually get to work with my professors on projects and through internships, gave me a passion for learning; a passion that hasn't stopped burning yet.

I am excited about the future. Nervous about managing the time I work in the Emergency Department at our local hospital, the time spent working with a local Hospice organization, and the time I spend on my academic studies. Though nervous, I know that God has big plans for my life. Every step thus far has been one that has molded me into the person I am becoming. I am proud to be a graduate of Bluefield College. I left Bluefield with not just a diploma, friendships, or knowledge; but with the keys to unlock a future of unlimited possibilities.”

Katie Warren

Class of 2011

“Being a member of the Bluefield College Psychology Department changed my life. Not only did my spiritual life grow tremendously through the inspiration of my professors, I was able to find my purpose in life. The professors care about you more than just on an academic level, they take the time to know and understand you on a personal level. The work and level of thinking in my psychology classes prepared me so well for my graduate level classes, that often times the work I am doing in my classes now is much easier than the work I was doing in undergrad. I am forever thankful for my time at Bluefield, especially for my time in the psychology department and could never repay my professors for all they taught me about learning and about life.”