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Every BC parent is a member of the Parents Club. There is no need to "join." You're already in! All you have to do is decide how you would like to be involved!


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The Bluefield College Parents Club is designed to help parents and families as their students experience college life. A caring and supportive environment surrounds students at Bluefield College and we encourage parents to become involved with their time at BC. You automatically become a member of the Parent's Club when your son or daughter is accepted as a student at Bluefield College. Whether your student is a freshman or senior, becoming a member of the Parent Club is a great way to be more closely connected in the life of your student during their years at Bluefield College and continue their legacy on as they become alumni of BC.




Becoming a member of BCPC:

  • There is no membership fee!

  • Be familiar with the Parent's Club webpage: What is going on at BC? A better understanding of the inner workings of campus.

  • Parent Club ID Card, Bumper Sticker.

  • Network via BC Parent Facebook. Receive invitations to family/student related social events via the Parent Club website.

The BC goals are:

  • To develop and support a closer relationship between families and BC community.

  • To connect families with current college activities, policies and plans.

  • To help families become familiar with the campus community and student life.

  • To familiarize families with the student, program, faculty, and capital support efforts that are being made to help ensure the excellence that defines a College education.

Encouragement and support are everywhere at Bluefield College—in classrooms and residence halls, on playing fields and stages. Bluefield College inspires a faithful, caring environment among our student body —one that is incredibly uplifting and empowering and we invite you to be part of it!

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