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For information on elective courses needed to complete your degree requirements at Bluefield College, please refer to your unofficial transcript and advising worksheet.

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Course  Title Semester Hours (SH)
Christian Studies CST 1103 Biblical Perspectives and 
CST 2403 Ethics
*One (1) Christian Studies course (3 SH) must be completed through Bluefield College.
6 SH
Business  BUS 2513 Principles of Macroeconomics
BUS 2603 Personal Finance
6 SH
English  ENG 1013 Intro. to Writing and
ENG 1023 Argumentative and Analytical Writing
6 SH
Health  HEA 2003 Personal and Community Health 3 SH
History HIS 2013 US History I and
HIS 2023 US History II
6 SH
Literature ENG 2003 Literature Appreciation and
ENG 2043 American Literature II
6 SH
Math    MAT 1213 College Algebra 3 SH
PE ESS 1351 Personal Fitness  1 SH
Speech COM 1023 Fundamentals of Speech 3 SH
Fine Arts Choose two:
MUS 1413 Music Appreciation or
THR 1413 Theatre Appreciation or 
ART 1413 Art Appreciation
6 SH
Science (One course must be a science with lab.) Choose two:
ENV 1014 Environmental Science or
PHS 1033 Physical Science and
PHS 1031 Physical Science Lab
8 SH
Social Science Choose two:
PLS 1013 American Government & Politics or
PLS 2043 State & Local Politics or
PSY 4503 Positive Psychology-The Study of Happiness or
SOC 1013 Introduction to Sociology
6 SH
Electives CHM 2203 Chemistry & Culture 3 SH
63 SH

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