Editing Page Content

Use the WYSIWYG editor to manage updates and keep your web content current.

Always insert content as plain text. Pasting text directly into the page from MS Word will cause problems. Either paste as plain text using the WYSIWYG (Edit + Paste as text) or copy from notepad. Visit https://help.ekklesia360.com/article/using-the-wysiwyg-editor/ for an overview of the WYSIWYG toolbar.

To Edit a Page, Follow These Steps:
  1. Visit www.bluefield.edu/login.
  2. Log in with your username and password. (To have an account created for you, contact Ben Ayers at the email or phone number below.)
  3. From your dashboard, click the “Content” tab (top left).
  4. After you click the “Content” tab, one to seven sub‐tabs will appear depending on your account privileges.
  5. Click the “Pages” sub-tab.
  6. You are now in the Page Manager module. All existing web pages are listed alphabetically. You can find your page in this list or you can use the “Find” box to locate it.
  7. Once you find your page, click the page name to open the Page Edit module.

Editable Properties


This is the title of the page. It appears at the top of the content area of the page, in the browser's title bar, and is used to create the page URL (address).


Change or provide a brief description of the page's content.


This is the WYSIWYG editor.

Third Party Components

Please send any third party components, such as images or video, to the web administrator using the Website Update Request Form included below.