PR Policies and Procedures

The Office of Public Relations manages the college’s media relations, community relations, advertising, marketing and the development and/or distribution of its publications in an effort to promote the college, its faculty, staff, students, alumni, activities and accomplishments.

Staff members are expected to communicate to the Office of Public Relations the appropriate details of any college event, action or accomplishment that warrants publicity. In the event that an activity or program is cancelled, postponed or changed in any way, the appropriate staff member should immediately notify the PR Office so that publicity can be amended.

In addition, all media inquiries or requests for media interviews should be directed to the Office of Public Relations, and all publications, publicity or promotional material (including, but not limited to brochures, flyers, posters, news releases, videos, slideshows, solicitations, newsletters, and social media) must be reviewed and approved by the PR Office prior to distribution to assure accuracy, consistency and quality.

Consent to be Included in BC Marketing

Photos, videos, quotes and common knowledge information about students, faculty, staff and alumni may appear in BC publications and other marketing material. Students, faculty, staff and alumni who prefer not to be included in promotional content must notify the PR Office in writing at .