Natasha's Story

I was initially drawn to Bluefield College because of the small community feel, the beautiful scenery, and its Christian mission. I came to the College to expand my understanding of and passion for ministry. With a passion for youth ministry and missions, I chose to pursue a degree in Christian Studies I enjoyed the smaller Christian Studies classes that allowed for in-depth discussion and one-on-one opportunities with the professors. During my time at the college, I feel I was challenged to understand the development of Christian beliefs and practices, the application of these to life today, as well as developing leadership skills for ministry. Dr. Stout and Rev. White are eager and willing to work with each student to ensure they are excelling and grasping the concepts presented in class.

On campus I experienced opportunities for worship, Bible study, and prayer groups—making way for a strengthened faith and supportive friendships. Worship opportunities come up often during the week, with our Baptist Campus Ministry's Elevate meeting on Tuesday evenings and Convocation in the Chapel every Wednesday morning. The campus has had many great speakers, such as Tony Nolan, who have come and made an impact personally and on the campus community as a whole. On a more personal level, I was able to get involved with a girls Bible study in my dorm, join a prayer group for the campus and community, and be a part of the Christian sorority Alpha Delta where I was surrounded by supportive and encouraging sisters in Christ.

Directly after graduation, I was offered a position as Youth and Children's Director with a new and growing ministry. I find myself applying the skills and understanding I acquired during my time at Bluefield College daily in this ministry. Weekly, I have the opportunity to minister to both the children and teens who have grown up in the church, as well as going out into the community to work with the kids that would not otherwise get the chance to learn about God regularly. From Bible club lessons and children's church, to Bible studies and even trips to youth camp—I can see the things I learned during my time at Bluefield College being put into practice on a regular basis. Not only did my experience at the College prepare me for teaching and ministering to the community, but I also came away with a drive to continuously challenge myself and develop new skills in my ministry.

One of the most important attitudes I took away from my time at Bluefield College is that there are often as many questions as answers when it comes to studying God, His will, and His Word. However, it is in the pursuit of those answers, in study and experience, that I find myself growing and learning.