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myBC Down

Updated 2.7.13 at 7:30pm

Currently, the MyBC site is down due to an issue with the security certificate. We applied a new certificate yesterday that should have rolled over today. Unfortunately, it did not. All of our efforts to resolve this issue over the past several hours have been unsuccessful. We are opening tickets with the vendors but due to the fact this incident occurred after business hours, we are not able to obtain immediate assistance. The certificate provider, Globalsign, has indicated that they will respond to us within 24 hours. We will also be opening an incident with the MyBC site vendor in hopes that they may be able to assist us more quickly first thing in the morning and perhaps provide some resolution.

We apologize for the extreme inconvenience that this outage is causing to the campus community. Please be assured that we will be working with Globalsign to ensure that this does not occur again in the future.

Steve Kessinger
Director of Information Services and Technology