The Missionary-In-Residence program of Bluefield College began with the dedication of a missionaries' residence on August 1, 1992.

Headed by committee members Mrs. Tyler Easley, Kathrine Dobyns, Beckie and David Plott, Bernice and Ron Carpenter, Beverly Dent and Mary Gail Hart, the cottage was completed and occupied by the first missionary couple, Greg and Ida Sue Smith from Costa Rica, in the fall of 1992. As a college affiliated with the Baptist General Association of Virginia, the Missionary-In-Residence program is a commitment to carry out the mission of Baptists through the State of Virginia.

In 2006, the MIR moved to the old president's home. This historic building on our campus was completely remodeled, renovated, furnished and re-dedicated. It is a gorgeous, spacious home that offers a wonderful atmosphere to relax and renew your spirit. This home has hardwood floors throughout, large eat-in kitchen and formal dining room. It also has a beautiful sun room with a fireplace and an additional den. This house comes equipped with a full basement and a third floor for storage. Four bedrooms offer plenty of sleeping space and the office is placed on the second floor just off the master bedroom.


The purpose of the Missionary-In-Residence program is to provide a residence for missionaries on stateside assignment. Through their presence and influence on the campus, missionaries will have the opportunity to impact students and local churches to consider the importance of worldwide missions. Ideally, it is the desire of the college that a different country and continent be represented annually. This variety would provide maximum contact for students with varied mission emphases, different cultures, as well as diverse personalities that are reflected in Baptist mission work.

The missionaries-in-residence will be provided an office on campus, in addition to a furnished residence. They will be given the freedom and encouragement to participate in the academic program of the college, as well as campus ministries. It is the college's desire that the missionaries will gain from this experience giving them the opportunity to catch up on trends and techniques in education. While on campus, they will have benefit of the college's library and be made aware of the new books and publications in different fields that could improve their effectiveness as missionaries.

While in residence, missionaries would be expected to fulfill their mission sending agency commitments and obligations in conjunction with serving on campus. They will coordinate closely with the Campus Minister and the Department of Christian Studies. During their stay, they will be provided a variety of opportunities and programs in which to be involved. These may include mission workshops, seminars, and academic classes where credentials are appropriate. The missionaries are also expected to offer their services for speaking engagements in Associational meetings and in Southwest Virginia and Southern West Virginia churches, where time allows. Since the missionary family will be living on campus, they are expected to be available for conferences with students concerning the opportunities in the area of missions, as well as the challenge of mission service.

Bluefield College's commitment is to broaden the outlook of its students by direct contact with missionaries from other countries and cultures. This will not only aid those who are considering mission work, but also encourage students in every area of study, broaden their concept of mission work, as well as expand their vision of what mission emphasis they can accomplish through their particular vocations.

Selection Process

The Campus Minister's office is responsible for making request to the appropriate mission boards for applications. Requests by missionaries for consideration are to be sent to the Campus Minister's office. The Campus Minister will review all applications and select the appropriate persons. The Missionary-In-Residence program is coordinated by the President's office.

Policies For Missionary-In-Residence Program

  • The house shall be available to an active missionary couple on stateside assignment. Priority will be given to Baptist missionaries with the capacity to provide academic or staff support. Top priority shall be given to Bluefield College graduates.
  • The college cooperates with the BGAV, International Mission Board, and other Baptist entities in attempting to recruit a couple from that region of the world on which the mission programs are focused that year.
  • If the missionary residence has not been reserved by May 1st, the college may utilize the facility for appropriate college housing.
  • The house is made available to the missionary-in-residence rent-free and is maintained by the college. The college supplies electricity, water, garbage service, cable, internet and local telephone service (long distance charges are the responsibility of the missionary). The house has four bedrooms and two and a half baths. Also provided are basic kitchen items, linens, furnishings, and appliances, which presently include a stove, refrigerator, microwave, washer, and dryer.
  • An inventory of the house contents is maintained by the college, and is checked before and after each missionary-in-residence's stay. An evaluation of maintenance needs is performed annually.
  • The college may provide a tuition waiver for the missionary couple and any of their dependents on a case-by-case basis.
  • The missionary family is considered a part of the college staff and is invited to participate in all college functions as a staff-faculty member. Each member of the missionary family shall be issued an I.D. card that gives them free admission to all college functions; i.e., ball games, plays, concerts, use of college facilities, etc.
  • The missionary family is requested to give priority to the college community in time, schedule, and ministry. They shall interpret and promote missions as appropriate. The missionary family will be given opportunities to speak in Chapel, lead Bible studies and prayer groups, direct mission emphasis programs, counsel students, participate in the Bluefield Collegiate Ministries (BCM) program, etc.

For additional information and to receive a copy of the application, please contact our Campus Minister, Dr. Henry Clary at hclary@bluefield.edu.