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Welcome to the Bluefield College Website Support and Media Resources page. If you have questions or comments concerning the website, please email Web Support. If you are a Content Manager, please see our Content Management System page. If you need to request an update to a page on the website, please see our Webpage Update Request Form. If you are uploading materials for use at Bluefield College, please submit the File Upload Form. All questions or comments concerning MyBC should be directed to IST.

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Media Resources

The media resources below are provided to help ensure the quality and consistency of any digital or print media used on campus or in promotional material. The official Bluefield College logo, seal, and athletic mark are available to download, save, and/or print from this webpage. Please note that the images accessed from this page are to be used only in the promotion of Bluefield College and in compliance with the BC Style Guide. Other use is prohibited, and individuals not associated with the college who wish to use the images on this page in any format must receive advance authorization from the Office of Public Relations.

Bluefield College Logo                   
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  Bluefield College Seal
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BC Athletic Logo (Ram)                 
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Style Guide & Visual Identity System
Bluefield College Style Guide
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  BC Visual Identity Applications
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Other Media Resources
Bluefield College Slideshow
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  BC PowerPoint Template
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Bluefield College E-mail Signature
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  BC Letter Template (Word)
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QR Codes
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