Mathematics Major Overview

The Mathematics Major provides a Christian learning environment that is dynamic and engaging. The Mathematics faculty develop students’ critical thinking and communication skills with individual attention and instruction from a Christian perspective. Mathematics majors begin their studies with the fundamentals of the discipline and move on to more advanced concepts in calculus, linear algebra, real analysis, geometry, and more. In keeping with our promise to personalize each student’s education, you will find small class sizes, with all math major coursework taught by full-time faculty.

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Mathematics Major Outcomes

A solid education in Mathematics is applicable in a wide variety of industries and businesses. A solid work ethic is required for success in this program and this has carry-over into the individual’s career. Communication skills are promoted through the use of a series of writing assignments that progress in expectations from Freshman to Senior years.

10 Fastest-Growing Careers for Math Majors

  • Actuary
  • Cryptographer
  • Economist
  • Financial Analyst
  • Mathematician
  • Operations Research Analyst
  • Personal Financial Advisor
  • Statistician
  • Teacher in Kindergarten, Elementary, Middle, and Secondary School
  • Teacher in Postsecondary School

Contact Information

Lewis Buterakos

Dr. Lewis Buterakos
Associate Professor of Mathematics







amanda-heller-student - Amanda Heller - Featured...

Amanda Heller

Class of  2013

"Since I've been here at Bluefield, I've had the opportunity to take several math courses. My experience of each course is nothing less than great. I enjoy the teaching styles that each professor brings to each course and I know that they want the best for us. One of my favorite parts of the program is the availability each professor has to offer. I like knowing as a student that when I need help, they are always there for me."