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Admission to the MAEd program will be competitive and limited to candidates capable of performing on the graduate level.

Attention applicants with an undergraduate degree from Bluefield College! Order your official transcript here.

Three-Step Application Process

Complete the application for the Master of Arts in Education by completing the three-step application process below.

Step 1

Online Application

Begin the application process by filling out the application in MyBC.

Fill out the Application

Step 2

Self-Assessment, Part I

Fill out the self-assessment survey of professional temperament and performance. The entire self-assessment consists of two parts, (I) a standardized assessment survey and (II) an essay component based upon your responses to Self-Assessment, Part I. Complete this step, the standardized assessment survey, using the link below.

Self-Assessment, Part I

Step 3

Self-Assessment, Part II

You may access Self-Assessment, Part II, the essay component, upon completion of the standardized assessment survey in Step 2. If you have already completed the self-assessment survey and are returning to submit your essay, you may go directly to the upload form.

Contact Information

Thomas Brewster, Dean and Associate Professor, School of Education