Online Organizational Leadership Major Overview

Advance your career without having to leave it behind.

You want to move forward in your career, but you have a life you can’t just leave behind to go to school. Bluefield College’s online leadership degree is just what you’re looking for. Our organizational leadership degree is designed to prepare you to meet the challenge of constant change, competition, complexity, diversity, and other issues while preserving core Christian values.

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What You Can Expect

The online organizational leadership degree addresses the realities of the workplace within the framework of job performance and organizational commitment.

Topics covered:

  • Strategic planning
  • Ethics and personal integrity
  • Leadership
  • Research
  • Quality Assurance
  • Team Building
  • Change Management

The organizational leadership online faculty possess excellent academic credentials, a strong commitment to our school's Christian heritage, and diverse experience in small businesses, government, and major corporations. Bluefield's Organizational Leadership degree is a great platform for pursuing graduate academic and professional work.

Program Outcomes

After completing the Organizational Leadership Degree Program online, you will have a high level of knowledge and professional skills that could lead to a number of different professions within the Organizational Leadership industry.

Career Opportunities

  • Advertising Manager
  • Entrepreneur
  • Financial Analyst
  • Project Manager
  • Public Administration Manager
  • Small Business Owner top ranked Management and Leadership program