Meet the Faculty

The following will tentatively be teaching in the Master of Arts in Biomedical Sciences program for the upcoming academic year.

Name Course(s) Taught
John Anstrom, Ph.D. BMS 5616 Medical Anatomy
Ashleigh Dunn, M.S., D.O. BMS 5616 Medical Anatomy
Brian Hill, Ph.D. BMS 5410 Histology/Embryology
BMS 5616 Medical Anatomy
Teresa Johnson, M.S., Ph.D. BMS 5308 Immunology
Emily Lambert, Ph.D. BMS 5512 Field Seminar
James Mahaney, Ph.D. BMS 5104 Biochemistry
Susan Meacham, R.D., Ph.D. BMS 5240 Human Nutrition
Martin Offield, Ph.D. BMS 5512 Field Seminar
Selen Olgun, M.D., Ph.D. BMS 5718 Cell Physiology
BMS 5719 Neuroscience
James Palmieri, M.S., M.A., Ph.D. BMS 5818 Microbiology
BMS 5920 Research and Biostatistics
Renee Prater, M.S., DVM, Ph.D. BMS 5308 Immunology
Ken Schor, D.O., M.S., MPH BMS 5220 Clinical Prevention and Public Health
Ward Stevens, M.S., DHS BMS 5012 Health Policy and Social Determinants of Health
Chevon Thorpe, Ph.D. BMS 5104 Biochemistry