Leadership of Excellence Awards

The Leadership of Excellence Awards at Bluefield College are honors given to students who have exhibited exceptional leadership skills inside and outside of the classroom. Candidates must exemplify the traits that make up the characteristics of a Ram, like sacrifice, protection, authority, determination, action, initiative, and leadership. Students who receive a Leadership of Excellence Award are those who have demonstrated leadership, excellence, dedication and commitment above and beyond the requirements of a paid or appointed role.

Selection Criteria

Awards will be presented in three areas:

  1. Emerging Leader Award: Awarded to students in their first or second year of study at Bluefield College who have demonstrated initiative, motivation, and potential for continued student leadership within the college.
  2. Servant Leader Award: Presented to a student who has exemplified Bluefield College’s mission in a significant way through involvement in activities/initiatives that demonstrate one or a combination of the following: faith that does justice, community/civic engagement, service for and with others, celebration or promotion of diversity and inclusion, advocacy/educational awareness, mentorship or guidance, and promotion of health and wellness. Candidates must have demonstrated the concept of servant leadership in some way (i.e. doing more for Christ, doing more for others, “the more universal good”). Servant leadership should be thought of as depth and not necessarily quantity of engagements.
  3. David W. Olive Award for Leadership: Named after our sitting president, this award honors a graduating senior for leadership contributions that have increased in depth and breadth to the Bluefield College and Bluefield communities during the course of their undergraduate career. The highest honor presented by the Division of Enrollment Management and Student Development, this award recognizes distinguished leadership, scholarship, service and excellence, and is awarded to a leader who embodies the ideals expressed in the college mission and core values.

Nomination and Eligibility

Recipients must be full-time undergraduate students who, through their leadership, have made outstanding contributions to the Bluefield College community. Students are not recognized solely on the basis of their employment records or office or position held, but for the breadth and depth of their leadership. Eligibility for nomination is based on scholarship, leadership and service. Award recipients must be in good academic and disciplinary standing and demonstrate a balance of academic and co-curricular excellence. A minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 is expected for award recipients. All full-time undergraduate students regardless of class standing are eligible for awards (except where noted).

Who Can Nominate

Any faculty, staff or student at Bluefield College may nominate any eligible student who meets the award criteria. All nominations must be submitted in writing via a letter of recommendation explaining how the student meets the criteria established for each award or by completing and submitting the online nomination form. Nominations will be accepted through April 16 of each year for the current academic year.

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