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Financial Aid Knowledge Base

Where can I find the VTAG application?

You can find the VTAG application and other forms you may need at If you received VTAG in the prior year then you are not required to complete a new application.

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What is the deadline to receive financial aid at Bluefield College?

Students have until the last date of class to finalize their financial aid. This means that all the appropriate documentation must be reviewed and in place prior to the last date of class. The college also has a separate policy regarding payment of the bill. Students who do not have their ...

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What is the priority deadline for financial aid requirements?

We have a priority date of 6/1 to receive the documentation we have requested to finalize a student’s financial aid. We can guarantee processing and that the aid will be in place prior to the start of class. We continually process but delays in turning in the requested documentation could ...

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How much is tuition and fees?

Information about our tuition and fees can be found at the URL listed below.

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