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Financial Aid Knowledge Base

Should my parents apply for the PLUS loan or outside/private loans?

What are the differences between federal and private student loans? Federal Student Loans v. Private Student Loans Federal student loans include many benefits (such as fixed interest rates and income-based repayment plans) not typically offered with private loans. In contrast, private loans ...

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What is the difference between subsidized and unsubsidized loans?

In short, Direct Subsidized Loans have slightly better terms to help out students with financial need.Here’s a quick overview of Direct Subsidized Loans: Direct Subsidized Loans are available to undergraduate students with financial need. Your school determines the amount you can borrow, ...

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Where do I complete my entrance counseling and Master Promissory Note?

The entrance counseling and promissory note for each academic year become available at April 1. Students need to go to the site to complete the requirements. Students will be completing the entrance counseling for an undergraduate program, and the promissory note for a ...

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When do I get an award letter?

We begin sending award letters out around the end of February, when we are able to begin reviewing FAFSA. We usually upload those files once a week so a student can expect an award letter within 2 weeks of completing their FAFSA.

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Where can I look for scholarships?

We can help you meet the financial challenge of paying for your education. Bluefield offers scholarships and grants that are based on merit (your good grades) and on your financial need. There are also many loan programs and federally based work-study jobs that will also be considered in the quest ...

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