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Financial Aid Knowledge Base

What are some tips on applying for scholarships?

HELPFUL TIPS: KNOW DEADLINES! When applying for private scholarships, fellowships, grants and other financial resources, READ THE ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS FIRST. Save yourself time and energy by not applying for scholarships with qualifications you don’t match. If you meet the basic ...

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If I receive an outside scholarship check payable to me, what am I suppose to do with the check?

Make it payable to the College, but you may cash the check to apply to your Student Account. You are required, however, to report any outside scholarship awards you are or will be receiving, as they are considered to be a resource in your financial aid award. Scholarship funds are divided and half ...

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How do scholarships differ from financial aid?

Scholarships are awarded on the basis of academic achievement, talent, financial need, or a combination of the two. Financial need is rarely the primary factor considered, but it is often used to make a decision among equally qualified finalists. Many scholarships have additional requirements as ...

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Where can I find the VTAG application?

You can find the VTAG application and other forms you may need at If you received VTAG in the prior year then you are not required to complete a new application.

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When do I get an award letter?

We begin sending award letters out around the end of February, when we are able to begin reviewing FAFSA. We usually upload those files once a week so a student can expect an award letter within 2 weeks of completing their FAFSA.

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