What is SALT?

SALT, or the the Student Activities Leadership Team, is a fast-paced student-centered organization that is always offering something new and exciting for our RAM FANS!

We plan and implement events for everyone to enjoy either for free or at a reduced cost. We are dedicated to ensuring that these programs are high quality, creative, and diverse.

What types of things will you be doing?

  • Get the inside scoop on what activities will be happening on campus
  • Help decide what activities we will do!
    • For example, helping to decide:
      • the theme for the Homecoming dance
      • activities for Winter Solace
      • what freebies should be given away at sporting events
      • what intramurals we will do
      • t-shirt design for Mud Pig Day and Homecoming
      • what other big events like BC's Got Talent and the Dating Game!
  • Network and make connections with local businesses and other departments at the College
  • Develop event planning skills (great for your future resume!)
  • Get outside of your box and connect with all kinds of people
  • Possibly meet local celebrities
  • Work on a team of amazing people!

So, would you like to be a member of the Student Activities Leadership Team? Please fill out the form below, or click here to download a pdf version.


e.g., freshman, sophomore, etc.

Do you live on campus or commute?*

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What SALT events have you attended in the past? Which was your favorite?

Some examples are: advertising, creating social media content, emceeing events, planning decorations, set-up and clean-up, logistics (making shopping lists, pricing things, reserving rooms, etc.), rallying people at sporting events, caring for the SALT team, or any other way that you can think of to contribute!