Online Human Services Degree

You want a degree that will give you the tools you need for a career working with people, but you don’t want to sacrifice your whole life for it. Our online human services degree is the perfect fit for you.

"I honestly believe, I would not have learned as much if I had chosen another school. I feel Bluefield is absolutely the best choice, and I will continue to recommend it to everyone! I will never be able to thank you enough for all of your support this past year…. when you know you have your professors cheering you, it makes such a huge difference."
– Heather Williams, Class of 2009

This degree enables you to address behavioral issues found in the home, workplace, and in the community. You will do this through examining human behavior, as a product of relationships, mental processes, and environmental variables that influence well-being. The online Human Services Bachelor degree program places emphasis upon the helping relationship, helping service networks, team partnerships, evidence based practice, and the ethical basis for providing human services.



In this major, you will examine what motivates people, how individuals, couples and families react to stress, and how to help people who seek assistance from organizations. You will learn how you as a human service professional go about helping people to cope and thrive. As communities continue to change and become more diverse, this major addresses the delivery of human services to a diverse population of individuals and families. Bluefield College’s online human services degree emphasizes issues of social justice, multicultural service delivery, and the use of technology within this field. While earning an online degree with a major in Human Services, students will explore the breadth and depth of theory and practice, as well as learning applied techniques. In addition, a Human Services major is designed to prepare students to continue onto graduate study in this or a related discipline.

Our graduates will:

  1. Comprehend the contemporary issues and problems that people encounter in the modern world.
  2. Develop an understanding of normal and abnormal functioning of individuals, groups and families.
  3. Acquire the skills needed in working with individuals, groups and families in efforts to enhance mental health daily functioning, life satisfaction, career development, family harmony, academic performance, and interpersonal relationships.
  4. Understand the impact of social structure, social interaction, and social/cultural change on the overall wellness of people. 

Human Services Major Outcomes

Once you complete the Human Services online program, you will have a higher level of knowledge and professional skills that could lead to many different professions within the Human Services industry.

Career Opportunities

  • Case Worker
  • Community organizer
  • Eligibility counselor/coordinator
  • Juvenile court liaison
  • Manpower data technician
  • Mental health aide
  • Parole officer
  • Youth worker

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