Honor Student Experiences

Amelia CharlesAmelia Charles

Class of 2014

My name is Amelia Charles. I am a senior Psychology major and participant in the Honors Program at Bluefield College. I am an active part of campus life and a member of numerous organizations. During my time at Bluefield College, I have discovered a passion to see lives transformed by a love of inquiry and continual learning about the world we live in. My involvement in the Honors Program has sculpted my outlook on existence, spirituality, community, and learning.

My courses taken in the Honors Program during my first semester at Bluefield were the catalyst of my transformation. “The Literature of Journey and Quest” course led me on a path filled with tales of brokenness and pain, beauty and love, healing and transformation. The literary works themselves, however, were not the agents of change. My professor, Dr. Merritt, and my nine colleagues enthusiastically engaged in reflection and conversation about how our lives were changing, how our worldviews were taking shape, and how the process of reading, writing, and learning intertwined with our growth and transformation.

“The Psychology of Religion” course, taught by Dr. Boozer, moved me to investigate my faith and provided a foundation for understanding others as they travel their faith journeys. There were opportunities for discussion, debate, and reflection on the psychology that underpins religious faith.

The small Honors courses allowed me to form special relationships with professors. Dr. Boozer and Dr. Merritt counseled me during a period of hard-hitting questions and, often-times, difficult answers concerning my faith. I consider both Dr. Boozer and Dr. Merritt to be mentors, as they are always willing to guide me through deep questioning of such subjects as philosophy, psychology, poetry, literature, leadership, and religion.

Along with the small, stimulating courses that meet General Education requirements and caring professors, the Honors Program teaches students to actively engage in learning and to become leaders who desire to build a better, brighter, and more beautiful future. The Honors Program seeks to build a community of students who will become world-changers.

I am excited for you as you consider embarking upon your college quest and your path towards growth and transformation.

So, will you join me as a member of the Bluefield College Honors Program?