History Major Overview

The History Major provides students with that knowledge of history which is essential to understanding ourselves and society. Our changing world demands that professionals also be versatile. We equip students not only with knowledge, but with a set of valuable skills applicable in a wide range of vocations, from teaching and archival work, to writing and the practice of law. Our students learn to write and communicate effectively, to conduct sound and thorough research, to think critically, argue positions, analyze information, and employ a variety of technologies in communicating their growing knowledge. History majors complete a common core of foundational courses as well as a concentration in either secondary teaching or historical studies


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History Major Internships

Selected history majors can enhance their classroom studies with hands-on experiences. Students may explore the world of research and teaching through an Academic Internship.

Internship Opportunities

  • Black History Museum, Richmond, VA
  • Bluefield College, Bluefield, VA
  • Crab Orchard Museum, Tazewell, VA

History Major Outcomes

As with all liberal arts degrees, a history diploma has a wide range of application, whether alone or in conjunction with graduate study.

Career Opportunities

  • Teacher/Professor
  • Museum guides/interpreters
  • Researcher
  • Writers and editors
  • Attorneys
  • Librarians

Graduate Schools Attended

  • Virginia Tech
  • East Tennessee State
  • Mercer School of Law
  • American Public University 
  • Norwich University

Contact Information


Mrs. Wendy Beavers
Assistant Professor and Chair, Department of History; Instructional Technology Specialist







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Class of  2013

"Labs were the best part of my science classes at Bluefield because that's where I put learning into action. Dissecting sharks in Zoology, making clove oil in Chemistry, and doing PCR in Molecular Biology were a few of my favorite labs."