Dear College Community:

Since my arrival at Bluefield College, now fifteen years ago, I have been able to be part of an amazing decade of change.

Together we have seen two new residence halls constructed, major facility renovations come to life, national championships won, the establishment of more than 50 new scholarships, and steady growth in alumni giving. I continue to be amazed at our alumni and friends' readiness to support the College in many and essential ways that they do!

What inspires their fundamental support is not nostalgia for the College or a perceived obligation to it. Nor is it the desire to outdo one another's giving or even just to see their names in the President's Report. What inspires alumni and friends to give to the College is their heartfelt passion to empower students to seek their calling and to empower the College to be the finest institution it can be in facilitating those outcomes.

Now more than ever, we need your gifts of optimism, enthusiasm, and passion for Bluefield College. If you can imagine it, we want to make it a reality. If you know me, you know I feel all three: optimism, enthusiasm, and passion for the Bluefield of today and the campus community we aspire to create. I, and my team, desire in the upcoming year to imagine with you our College's future together. Join us now in this boundless opportunity.

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May His blessings continue to flow,

M. Ruth Blankenship

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Ruth Blankenship
Vice President for Finance and Administration