The Foundation Relations Program at Bluefield College develops mutually beneficial relationships with private foundations in the Appalachian region and across the nation.

Gifts and grants from these foundations have helped Bluefield College with projects varying from facility renovations and scholarships to high-tech classrooms. Each year Bluefield College continues to seek support from foundations to fund the needs of its campus and students.

Foundations that support Bluefield College
  • Lettie Pate Whitehead Foundation
  • Jessie Ball duPont Fund
  • Hugh I. Shott Jr. Foundation
  • Zip Foundation
  • George M. Crusie Charitable Foundation
  • Katharine B. Tierney Charitable Foundation
  • Massey Foundation
  • Frank M. Smoot Foundation
  • 1912 Foundation
  • Credit Bureua of the Virginias Foundation
  • Algernon Sydney Sullivan Foundation
  • Stellio and Betty Corte Charitable Foundation

These resources make it possible for Bluefield College to evolve in innovative new directions. The college continues to improve its facilities and increase scholarship aid to deserving students.