The Law

In 2004, the Virginia General Assembly State Law was passed authorizing the State Fire Marshal's Office to inspect Private College Dormitories.


In order to be in compliance with the Virginia Fire Code, Bluefield College students must adhere to the following regulations. Failure to follow the BC standard regulations will result in fines and penalties to be determined if not specifically stated.

Discharging a campus fire extinguisher or setting off a fire alarm without just cause is a $150 automatic fine; if the person or persons responsible cannot be determined, the entire dormitory will be expected to pay their portion of the $150 fine.

Your Room

Rooms must not contain excessive books, paper, notebooks or reports lying around. Floors must be kept clear of trash, laundry and any other items that could be potential fire accelerants. Floors must be kept neat and clean.

Prohibited Items
  • curtains that are not labeled flame retardant
  • power strips
  • extension cords of any type
  • free hanging decorations
  • trash can larger than 13 gallons
  • combustible liquids
  • small appliances of any type
  • candles or incense
  • halogen bulbs

The above items are not allowed in residence hall rooms; if found, the item may be confiscated by the Residence Life staff.

How do I know if my surge protector will pass fire code?

Any power tap or surge protector used on campus must meet Virginia fire code. All power taps or surge protectors must have a 15 amp breaker. To check to insure your power tap of surge protector has this feature, check for a reset button (usually on the face of the strip). Then look on the back to make sure it is listed at 15 amps.


Students will be expected to comply with room inspections regarding fire safety. Smoke detectors will be checked weekly and fire drills will be conducted each month. Students are expected to follow the evacuation routes that are posted on the back side of his or her room door. Occupant awareness and training will be conducted periodically throughout the academic year.