Exercise and Sport Science Major Overview

The mission of the Exercise and Sport Science major is to develop globally-minded and service-oriented professionals through meaningful study of evidence-based practices underpinned by a traditional Christian perspective for successful careers in Sport MedicineSport Management, and Physical Education.

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Exercise and Sport Science Major Internships

Career exploration internships based on student major and interest areas are provided as early as the freshman or sophomore year. These internships help students decide if their chosen area of study is a good fit, and what a potential profession entails. In the junior and senior year, internship and experiential learning helps students connect theory with practice, and gain valuable hands-on learning.

  • Bluefield College Athletic Training and Sport Medicine
  • Bluefield Regional Medical Center
  • City of Bluefield (WV) Parks and Recreation
  • Greater Bluefield Community Center
  • Healthsouth Southern Hills Regional Rehab
  • Pro 1 Therapy Solutions
  • Sportangles
  • Virginia Tech Strength and Conditioning

Exercise and Sport Science Major Outcomes

The global need for workers with expertise in health and prevention of lifestyle-related diseases is expected to increase in the coming decades. ESS graduates have the knowledge, skills, and abilities to facilitate improved quality of life in people groups around the world.

Career Opportunities

Careers in ESS are nearly as varied as can be imagined. The American Kinesiology Association has an extensive list of professions with associated explanations.

Positions Held by Alumni

  • Patrick County Elementary, Elementary School Teacher & High School Coach
  • Graham High School Director of Athletics & Head Boys Basketball Coach
  • Park Ranger, Hungry Mother State Park
  • Doctor of Orthopedic Medicine, Bluefield Regional Medical Center
  • Director of Physical Therapy, Jacksonville, FL
  • Associate Professor of Exercise Science, Bluefield College
  • Director of Emergency Room Medicine, Roanoke Carillion Hospital

Graduate Schools Attended

  • Elon University – Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT)
  • Marshal University – Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT), Exercise Physiology (MS)
  • Radford University – Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT)
  • University of Tennessee – Cellular Molecular Nutrition (MS), Exercise Physiology (MS)
  • West Virginia University – Exercise Physiology (MS)

Clubs and Organizations

ESS majors are encouraged to join the American College of Sports Medicine if they concentrate in Sport Medicine, the American Alliance of Health, Physical Education, and Dance if they concentrate in teaching, or the North American Society of Sport Management if they select Sport Management. Each of these organizations has local, regional, and national conferences where modern research in ESS is presented and discussed, vendors offer services, and career services can be accessed.

Contact Information

Doug Minnix

Doug Minnix
Associate Professor of Exercise and Sport Science; ESS Department Chair







Amber MacDonald

amber-macdonaldClass of  2012

"The Bluefield College Exercise and Sport Science Department is under outstanding leadership. Not only are the teachers experts in their fields, but they are also Christian leaders. Currently, I am doing cancer research at the University of Tennessee, where I am pursuing a master’s degree in Cellular Molecular Nutrition. There is no doubt that I would not be in this position today if it were not for the outstanding Exercise and Sport Science faculty who encouraged me to follow my passion, and most importantly, what God has planned for my life!"


Tabatha Robbins

Class of  2010

“I loved my time at Bluefield College! Dr. Minnix and Dr. Bryan are simply wonderful professors! They pushed me to achieve excellence and not to give up the first time I applied for but was denied entrance to physical therapy school. Thanks to them, I also gained valuable internship experiences in the community, working hands-on with wonderful physical therapists. Also, they mentored me and guided me during my tenure at Bluefield College.”