Online Entrepreneurism Degree Overview

More so than ever, today’s business environment is demanding leaders who have an entrepreneurial spirit and e-business skills. As an entrepreneur, knowing how to launch and run a successful business requires a skill-set of proven business strategies in staffing, business planning, e-business and Internet marketing, budgeting, finance, and franchising. This major emphasizes techniques for effective communications and will give students a roadmap to launch, implement new products and services, and manage the operation all within an ethical environment and in today’s e-business context.

E-Business & Entrepreneurship Curriculum


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The online degree program in Entrepreneurism fosters imagination and inspires an entrepreneurial spirit—one that enables students to not only discover innovative solutions to global challenges but also implement them. It’s not only what students learn but also how they learn that will set them apart. In addition to studying both technical and business languages, students work on real-world projects, getting hands-on, practical experience that is immediately applicable. The faculty possess excellent academic credentials and diverse experience in small businesses, government, and major corporations. The Entrepreneurism degree is a great platform for pursuing graduate academic and professional work.


The expected outcomes of graduates of the Entrepreneurism program include the ability to:

  1. Comprehend how leadership, integrity and ethical behavior create a “value added” dimension to an organization as issues and challenges are addressed.
  2. Develop practical business and organizational start-up skills.
  3. Acquire the skills necessary to use e-businesses technology to both deal with risks and acquire profits.
  4. Understand low cost financial forecasting models, application techniques for capital and operational budgeting, and how to use financial statements for small business success.
  5. Understand how to use small business management techniques and key business indicators in order to prepare a high impact business plan. 


Students completing the online Entrepreneur degree program will obtain a high level of knowledge and professional skills that could lead to a number of different professions within the Entrepreneurism and e-Commerce industry.

Career Opportunities

Business Finance Consultant

Business Planning Consultant

Business Planning Manager

Economic Employment Consultant

Economic Employment Manager


Entrepreneurship Development Manager

Entrepreneurship Development Consultant

Non-profit Management

Self-employment Consultant

Self-employment Manager

Small Business Consulting

Small Business Owner

Small Enterprise Management

Small Enterprise Management Consulting

Contact Information

Mark Gallimore
Mark K. Gettle PhD CSP MBA

Chair, Management & Leadership Major
Instructor for Online Programs Management
& Leadership, and Psychology





Heather Williams

Class of 2009

"I honestly believe, I would not have learned as much if I had chosen another school. I feel Bluefield is absolutely the best choice, and I will continue to recommend it to everyone!

I will never be able to thank you enough for all of your support this past year…. when you know you have your professors cheering you, it makes such a huge difference."

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