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Name Title Email Phone
Valerie Burrell Enrollment Counselor 276.326.4411
Nikki Byrd Advising & Student Success Coach 276.326.4420
Jordan Dillon Campus Visit and Enrollment Coordinator 276.326.4231
Bryan Frazier Dean of Registration Services 276.326.4272
Alex Holliday Enrollment Counselor 276.326.4293
Alisha Maloyed Enrollment Technology and Automation Specialist 276.326.4338
Carly Moody Enrollment Data Processor 276.326.4291
Sherelle Morgan Director of Online Admissions 276.326.4305
Patricia Neely Dean of Online and Distance Education 276.326.4477
Cathy Payne Student Success Coach 276.326.4233
Tabitha Price Operations Office Assistant, Enrollment Management 276.326.4339
Michael White Vice President for Enrollment Management and Student Development 276.326.4217