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Name Title Email Phone
Ramu Anandakrishnan Adjunct Faculty, Biomedical Sciences
John Anstrom Adjunct Faculty, Biomedical Sciences
Sheila Ballard Admissions Coordinator
Lewis Brogdon Dean of Institutional Effectiveness & Research, Associate Professor of Christian Studies 276.326.4202
Ashleigh Dunn Adjunct Faculty, Biomedical Sciences
Richard Farmer Assistant Professor of Psychology; Faculty President 276.326.4605
Marshall Flowers Vice President for Academic Affairs 276.326.4355
Kristie Haga Adjunct Faculty, Department of Human Services 276.238.7660
Brian Hill Director, Biomedical Sciences
Ann Looney Director of Academic Programs 276.326.4456
Barry Losey Adjunct Faculty
Eric Mason Associate Director of Online Enrollment 276.326.4293
Patricia Neely Dean of Online and Distance Education 276.326.4477
Jeff Teo Professor & Chair, Cybersecurity 276.326.4203