Name Title Email Phone
Bailey Angle Assistant Sports Information Director
Samantha Bales BC Central Advocate​, Student Accounts 276.326.4215
Cynthia Bascom Professor of Communication; Chair, Departments of Communication and Graphic Communication 276.326.4225
B. J. Bauer Head Golf Coach 540.320.5804
Paula Beasley Reference and Electronic Resources Librarian 276.326.4269
Wendy Beavers Assistant Professor and Chair, Department of History; eLearning Technologist 276.326.4228
Josh Beckett Information Services and Technology Support Specialist 276.326.4543
Erika Bell Head Athletic Trainer 276.326.4281
Paul Bennett Assistant Professor of Economics 276.326.4596
Ruth Blankenship Vice President for Finance, Administration and Advancement 276.326.4556
Robert Boozer Professor and Chair, Department of Psychology; Director of General Education and Vocation and Calling 276.326.4605
Kevin Bowers Head Tennis Coach 843.303.1958
Jason Brewer Associate Vice President of Student Development 276.326.4206
Thomas Brewster Dean and Associate Professor, School of Education 276.326.4240
Harold Brown Adjunct Instructor of Piano
Shellie Brown Assistant Professor of Education 276.326.4475
Valerie Burrell Online Admissions Counselor 276.326.4411
Lewis Buterakos Associate Professor and Chair, Department of Mathematics 276.326.4284
Nikki Byrd Online Admissions Counselor 276.326.4420
Chris Catron Director of Development 276.326.4211
Hayden Chandley Assistant Coach for Football 423.426.1185
Henry Clary Campus Pastor 276.326.4471
Nancy Davidson Assistant Professor of Nursing
Susan Davis Assistant Director of Financial Aid 276.326.4215
Bonny Dillon Chair, Department of Human Services; Professor of Psychology 540.334.5464
Jordan Dillon Campus Visit and Enrollment Coordinator 276.326.4231
Caroline Dixon HR Specialist/Accounts Payable Manager; Title IX Deputy Coordinator, Employee Title IX Non-Discrimination/Anti-Harassment 276.326.4594
Kevin Downer Director, Sport/Recreation Management Program; Assistant Professor of Exercise and Sport Science 276.326.4478
Kimberly Farmer Professor and Chair, Department of Criminal Justice; Pre-Law Advisor; Title IX Coordinator, Threat Assessment Team, SART Member, Student Sexual Misconduct 276.326.4224
Richard Farmer Assistant Professor of Psychology 276.326.4277
Marshall Flowers Vice President for Academic Affairs and Athletics 276.326.4355
Diana Foley Professor of Nursing
Bryan Frazier Dean of Registration Services 276.326.4272
Lelia Fry Director of Student Success and Students in Transition 276.326.4222
Stephen Fuller Food Services Director 276.326.4264
Buddy Gallemore Head Women's and Men's Volleyball Coach 276.326.4343
Mark Gettle Associate Professor, Psychology and Management & Leadership; Department Chair, Management & Leadership and Entrepreneurism 804.614.5948
Barbara Gillespie Director of Library Services 276.326.4237
Sara Goodson Head Cheerleading Coach 740.646.3581
Joshua Grubb Director of Alumni Relations and the Annual Fund 276.326.4208
Matthew Hamilton Director of Traditional Admissions 276.326.4602
Kendall Haynes Head Coach for Cross Country
Teresa Hedrick Adjunct Instructor of Woodwinds
Timothy Hegerich Senior Counselor for Transfer & International Students 276.326.4214
Abigail Heiniger Assistant Professor of English 276.326.4275
Nick Hinkle Adjunct Instructor of Percussion
David Hite Assistant Professor of Business 276.326.4230
Alex Holliday Online Admissions Counselor 276.326.4293
Rod Howard Assistant Coach for Football 276.326.4432
Thomas Huddleston Assistant Coach for Baseball
Jack Jennings Traditional Admissions Counselor 276.326.4340
Dino Kaklis Assistant Football Coach 276.326.4431
Nicole Kaklis Institutional Advancement Assistant 276.326.4370
Hal Keene Director of Planned Giving and Major Gifts 276.326.4209
Steve Kessinger Director of Information Services and Technology 276.326.4545
Jacob Key Division Manager of Athletics 276.236.4303
Shelby Key Assistant Women's Basketball Coach
Crystal Kieloch Director of QEP; Instructor of English 276.326.4665
Thomas Kinney Professor of History 276.326.4542
Beth Kinser Campus Store Manager 276.326.4260
Amber Kinzer Financial Aid Advisor for Online Students 276.326.4215
Jennifer Lamb College Registrar and Veterans Certifying Official 276.326.4215
Emily Lambert, Ph.D. Associate Professor and Chair, Department of Biology 276.326.4292
Andrew Lawrence Assistant Professor of Management and Leadership; eLearning Consultant 276.326.4477
Jon Leftwich Campus Safety Officer 304.887.1795
Eric Lester Administrative and Academic Systems Analyst 276.326.4545
Vince Lewis Adjunct Instructor of Guitar
Sandra Lima Argo International Recruit - Brazil Camps
Werner Lind Assistant Director of Library Services; Assistant Professor 276.326.4267
Pamela Linkous Assistant Dean and Assistant Professor, School of Nursing 276.326.4295
Ann Looney Director of Academic Programs 276.326.4456
Dewey Lusk Assistant Coach for Football 276.326.4430
Alisha Maloyed Enrollment Technology and Automation Specialist 276.326.4338
Eric Mason Administrative Assistant, Academic Affairs 276.326.4203
Burma McChesney FACS Coordinator 276.326.4248
Rebecca McCoy-Reese Assistant Professor and Co-Chair, Department of Theatre; Technical Director; Artist In Residence 276.326.4213
Michael McGill Associate Professor of Communication 276.326.4279
Chelsie Meadows BC Central Advocate 276.326.4215
Mimi Merritt Director of Institutional Effectiveness 276.326.4202
Rob Merritt Professor of English; Director, Honors Program 276.326.4270
Alex Miller Office Manager for Student Life 276.326.4207
Joshua Miller Head Coach, Women's Soccer 276.326.4254
Doug Minnix Dean, College of Sciences; Associate Professor and Chair, Department of Exercise and Sport Science 276.326.4250
John Moir Assistant Professor of Music 276.326.4258
Dena Monroe BC Advocate; Assistant Registrar 276.326.4215
Ryan Moody Assistant Men's Basketball Coach; Dome Manager 276.326.4229
Richard Morgan Head Men's Basketball Coach 276.326.4344
Sherelle Morgan Director of Online Admissions 276.326.4305
Justin Morton Assistant Coach for Men’s Soccer 423.509.1596
Jessy Mounts Finance Assistant and Book Rental Manager 276.326.4246
Carrie Mullins Campus Store Assistant 276.326.4614
Corey Mullins Head Women's Basketball Coach 276.326.4463
Landry Mullins Director of Residence Life 276.326.4473
Shirley Mutter Business Office Manager 276.326.4615
Patricia Neely Dean of Online and Distance Education 276.326.4477
Kenneth Newman Tele-Counselor 276.326.4412
Shelley Newton Head Softball Coach 276.326.4683
Martin Offield Professor of Biology 276.326.4287
David Olive College President 276.326.4466
Cathy Payne Student Success Coach 276.326.4233
Judy Pedneau Human Resource Director 276.326.4461
Wayne Pelts Assistant Director of the Academic Center for Excellence 276.326.4606
Sharon Perot Associate Professor and Chair, Department of Business; Dean, College of Professional Programs 276.326.4226
Scott Polhamus Associate Director of Traditional Admissions 276.326.4465
Rachel Price Administrative Assistant, School of Nursing 276.326.4485
Tabitha Price Operations Office Assistant, Enrollment Management 276.326.4339
Charles Priest Associate Professor and Chair, Department of Music; Director, Instrumental Studies, Concert Band, and Community Orchestra 276.326.4234
Bob Redd Sports Information Director 276.326.4342
Charles Reese Professor of Theater; Artist In Residence 276.326.4244
Irene Rieger Associate Professor, Department of English 276.326.4235
Allen Roberts Instructor of Graphic Communication 276.326.4622
Tim Robinette Database Analyst Integrations Specialist 276.326.4545
Gary Ruth Director of Campus Safety 304.887.1795
Joe Saunders Professor and Chair, Department of Chemistry 276.326.4221
Garrett Schilling Assistant Baseball Coach
Vanessa Scruggs Institutional Advancement Office Manager 276.326.4458
Jessica Sharp Dean and Professor, School of Nursing 276.326.4472
Chris Shoemaker Director of Marketing and Public Relations 276.326.4212
Diane Shott Assistant to the President 276.326.4201
Josh Shroyer Associate Athletic Trainer 276.326.4349
Walter Shroyer Professor and Chair, Department of Art and Design 276.326.4558
Kelley St. Clair Director of Finance and Administration 276.326.4590
Liz Stanton Director of Maintenance/Facilities 276.245.8284
Tracey Stout Dean, College of Arts and Letters; Associate Professor and Chair, Department of Christian Studies 276.326.4245
Meagan Stroud Director of Student Engagement 276.326.4256
Madeline Surles Technical Director - Theatre 804.698.9095
Jeff Teo Professor of Cybersecurity 276.326.4203
Jennifer Thorn Coordinator of Teacher Education Data and Reports 276.326.4242
Krista Turner Assistant Professor of Education 276.326.4540
Ray Vance Head Coach for Men’s Volleyball 276.326.4253
Jason Waelti Head Coach for Wrestling 276.326.4345
Kelly Walls Associate Professor of Criminal Justice; Title IX Deputy Coordinator, Campus Safety 276.326.4232
Michael White Vice President for Enrollment Management and Student Development 276.326.4217
Michele White Student Accounts Manager 276.326.4215
Mike White Athletic Director; Head Baseball Coach 276.326.4316
Rod White Assistant Football Coach 276.326.4435
Shawn White Assistant Professor of Christian Studies; Director of Spiritual Formation 276.326.4249
Wardell Wilborn Campus Safety Officer 304.887.1795
Ashley Williams Assistant Athletic Trainer 276.326.4255
Kelsey Wimmer Information Services and Technology Systems Administrator 276.326.4545
Eric Wohlford Manager of Network Services and Information Securities 276.326.4545
Brenda Workman Director of Academic Support and the Academic Center for Excellence 276.326.4220
Cary Wright Director of Financial Aid 276.326.4215
Jay Wright Part-time Professor of Accounting 276.326.4283
Robert Wynn Assistant Professor of Nursing
Catherine Young Traditional Admissions Counselor 276.326.4216
Maria Zalduondo Associate Professor of Languages; Director, Global Education 276.326.4271