Letters from the Library

Welcome to Letters from the Library!

We have just created this new feature where you will find information and announcements from the Easley Library. We hope you enjoy it.

At the end of October, near Halloween, the Library hosts an event we call "Terrifying Tales: A Spooky Spectacular." This generally involves faculty, staff, and students having a chance to share their favorite spooky stories from well-known authors past and present, as well as giving the Bluefield College students a chance to participate in a writing contest where they can let their imaginations shine. "Terrifying Tales," as the name implies, is a contest centered around the spooky atmosphere of Halloween. Our students write their tales and then share them with an audience. In the past, the stories have centered around ghosts, aliens, and monsters. For this, our third year, our student stories seemed to focus around the "human monster."

I will be adding links for the stories from our Terrifying Tales Writing Contest to this blog. Please understand that some of these stories are scary, some are creepy, some are funny, and some are VERY gory. If this is not your kind of story, we understand, but this opportunity gives our students a chance to expand their writing skills outside of the normal essays written for college English classes. There is value in all kinds of literature. If this is not your favorite type of story, please join us again in April when we will focus on our Nora Lockett Memorial Appalachian Writing Contest which falls in conjunction with our Appalachian Festival. 

Our first place story is "The Changeling" by Autumn Stover. It is exceptionally well written, but it makes me cry. Well done, Autumn.  Congratulations!

The Changeling PDF

The Machines PDF

The Phantom of Thorngrove Castle PDF