What is the Early Childhood Education online degree program at Bluefield College?

The Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education, part of the Online Degree Program at Bluefield College, prepares students to teach children ages birth to age eight in high-quality, developmentally appropriate settings. Teachers in the field play a vital role in the development of young children. What children learn and experience during their early years can shape their views of themselves and the world around them. These early learning experiences profoundly affect an individual’s future quality of life.

How is the Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education Online Degree (ECE) delivered?

The Early Childhood Education online degree (BS) will be delivered in a totally online format with occasional optional offerings in a traditional or seminar format. New courses in ECE will be combined with current course offerings in education to provide a rigorous, high quality major.

Because this is not a licensure program, students are not required to pass Praxis and Reading for Virginia Educators assessments, and with the online format, this program is accessible to a wide variety of potential students.


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Early Childhood Education Major Internships

Internships in early childhood education are an important component of the program. Students enrolled in the program take an initial field experience course, ECE 2011 Introduction to Early Childhood Field Experience, and are placed in a developmentally appropriate environment that serves birth to 8 years old for practical experience as an observer/participant under the supervision of mentor teachers and/or relevant administrative personnel.

During the last year of their program, students majoring in Early Childhood Education will complete 120 hours of field experience, but will choose the internship course that most closely fits their career goals. For those whose interest is in administering and supervising programs for young children, students will enroll in ECE 3113/3133 Early Childhood Program Management Practicum, where emphasis is placed on the director’s role in staff recruitment, hiring, development, and evaluation. Those whose primary interest is in teaching will enroll in ECE 4123/4143 Early Childhood Practicum, which will provide opportunities for students to put theory into practice while teaching and guiding young children under the supervision of a mentor teacher.

Early Childhood Education Major Outcomes

Why study Early Childhood Education?

A Bachelor of Science degree in Early Childhood Education provides opportunities in a variety of settings, such as childcare programs, public schools, churches, government agencies, non-profit organizations, medical and health related services and social service agencies. Careers could include directly working with children, supervision and training of staff, support and education for families, and advocacy within the community about the education and needs of children.

Career Opportunities

  • Child Care Administrator/Director
  • Home-Based Service Providers
  • Technical Assistance Specialists
  • Childcare Licensing Agent
  • Preschool Teacher
  • Family Specialists/Counselor
  • Social Services Coordinator

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One of our Early Childhood Education Online Degree assistant professors Krista Turner, School of Education


Mrs. Krista Turner
Assistant Professor, School of Education





Jamie Blair

Class of 2015

"What I love about Bluefield College is the fact that I am not a traditional student, but still getting the on-campus college experience. Through the online program, I feel extremely connected to my fellow students and always have great feedback and communication with the faculty and staff. I couldn't imagine being anywhere else!