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E-Business and Entrepreneurship (Online)


Knowing how to launch and run a successful business requires a skill-set of proven business strategies in staffing, business planning, e-business and Internet marketing, budgeting, finance, and franchising. This major emphasizes techniques for effective communications and will give students a roadmap to launch, implement new products and services, and manage the operation all within an ethical environment and in today’s e-business context. More so than ever, today’s business environment is demanding leaders who have an entrepreneurial spirit and e-business skills. 

You will learn

  • Practical business and organizational start-up skills.

  • About using e-businesses technology to deal with risks and to acquire profits.

  • Low cost financial forecasting models, application techniques for capital and operational budgeting, and how to use financial statements.

  • How leadership, integrity and ethical behavior create a “value added” dimension to an organization as issues and challenges are addressed.

  • To use small business management techniques, key business indicators, and how to preparing a high impact business plan.