Department of Management and Leadership Overview

The online degree programs in the Department of Management and Leadership endeavor to produce successful students and is appreciative of the companies who have recognized their efforts and ours by continuing to target Bluefield graduates for both careers and promotion.

The dynamic course content, experiential learning, and preparation for a future in business management and leadership make the Management and Leadership major and the E-Business minor critical components of the online Management and Leadership program.

Preparation for the increasingly dynamic nature of business careers is accomplished in the management major and E-Business minor through a sequence of experiences that include content-oriented and integrative courses that move the student quickly through the program. These experiential online courses are devoted to system design and development, simulation, statistics, and case analysis. The real-world learning environment and experience of the instructors make us not only unique in preparing our majors for their futures, but also in creating students who, upon graduation, have already experienced the challenges and rewards of real-world problem-solving. We are proud of the national attention these efforts have attracted.

Major and Minor
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Mark Gettle
Assistant Professor of Organizational Leadership; Department Chair, Organizational Leadership