Welcome to the Department of Human Services

The Human Services Department and Bluefield College’s online degree in Human Services are designed to prepare students to address behavioral issues found in the home, in the workplace, and in every conceivable walk of life.

Students will work toward an appreciation of human behavior, mental processes and environmental variables, both internal and external, that influence well-being. Learners will develop a working knowledge of the descriptive models in the field of Human Services. Among the areas of exploration are how we learn, why we are motivated, and why we react the way we do to stress.

In addition, the analysis of self-perception and self-portrayal will teach the student how to relate to others and further their ability to help others cope with and thrive within their environments. With the understanding of behavioral theory, students will develop their capacities to consider issues critically, to solve problems effectively, and to address conflicts ethically. The Human Services Department will also prepare students who desire to continue into graduate study in this or a related discipline.

Contact Information

Bonny Dillon, Chair, Department of Human Services; Professor of Psychology