Welcome to the Department of Graphic Communication

We live in a world where visual messages dominate.

Consider the graphic design that surrounds us in websites, advertisements, books, t-shirts, traffic signs, and apps. Graphic communication majors learn to integrate art and technology, form and information, to effectively communicate ideas to an audience.

As a Graphic Communication major, you’ll study a well-balanced curriculum that gives you an understanding of the art, business, and theory of designing powerful visual communication. Faculty use assignments (often for actual clients) that provoke your creative and analytical abilities to solve design problems in print and digital media. You’ll hone your technical computer skills with state-of-the-art graphic software. You’ll discover ways to successfully grab people’s attention and to communicate valuable information to your intended audience in today’s crowded and competitive marketplace.

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Cynthia Bascom
Professor of Communication; Chair, Departments of Communication and Graphic Communication