Welcome to the Department of Chemistry

The Bluefield College Department of Chemistry enables students to pursue fulfilling service careers in chemistry, forensics, and the health professions.

We support the mission of the College to transform students’ hearts, minds, and lives as it engages them in the scientific study of matter and its behavior. Students will develop historical, current, and Christ-centered perspectives on the discipline, develop the intellectual ability to solve real life chemistry problems, and be prepared to pursue graduate study if they so choose.

Our exceptional programs offer personalized attention for each student and take advantage of the latest educational instrumentation in both the classroom and the laboratory. Laboratories are operated by the professors, not graduate students or teaching assistants, so that exploration of the physical world occurs in an active and stimulating environment that also includes attention to safety. Recent achievements of Bluefield College Chemistry major graduates are passing the Chemistry Praxis and teaching high school chemistry, completing a Doctorate of Pharmacy, or completing a Master's in Environmental Science and working for the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality.

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Joe Saunders, Professor and Chair, Department of Chemistry