Online Criminal Justice Major Overview

Earn your Criminal Justice degree online.

The online Criminal Justice major, offered through Bluefield College Online, is an exciting course curriculum that analyzes the legal, social, economic, and political contexts that shape our approach to criminal justice.

The Criminal Justice Major offers students a broad focus range, designed to provide them an excellent academic foundation for entry into the criminal justice profession, or in preparation for law school for those considering a legal career. Students earning their criminal justice degree online are taught to think critically, act ethically, and apply theory to practical situations that they currently encounter or will encounter in criminal justice careers.

The program blends principle courses in the functions and organization of the criminal justice system with courses focused on specific components of the system in law enforcement, the courts, and corrections, to build or refine the mobile and transferable skills our students’ need to meet the challenges of a criminal justice career anywhere in the country.

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Earning your Criminal Justice degree online gives students numerous opportunities for internship experience, including several that are offered every semester on and off campus, as well as, some that are created for individual students through a hometown or other contact for a particular semester or summer.

  • Bluefield College Campus Safety
  • Bluefield, VA Police Department
  • Federal District Court, Bluefield, WV
  • Prisons
  • Tazewell County Sheriff’s Office
  • Bluefield, WV Police Department
  • Local and County Police Agencies
  • Law Offices

Program Outcomes

The Criminal Justice online degree program prepares the student for entry into the criminal justice system, and allows them to experience the various components in their courses and internships to discover their passion.

Career Opportunities

  • Corrections – officer and counselor
  • Juvenile detention – officer and counselor
  • Private policing and security
  • Lawyer/prosecution, public defender, child advocate
  • Law Enforcement Officer – local, state, federal
  • Criminalist
  • Probation/parole officer

Graduate Schools Attended

  • Appalachian Law School
  • WVU College of Law
  • Harvard Law School
  • Mercer Law School
  • Baylor Law School
  • Radford University

The Criminal Justice faculty goes the extra mile to help each student reach his or her goals. If it were not for the innovative program and faculty, I don't know that I could have returned to school and felt so at home.

Christopher Hayes, Dublin, VA, Class of 2012