Criminal Justice Major Overview

The traditional Criminal Justice program at Bluefield College consists of entry-level curriculum for the traditional college student interested in pre-law, law enforcement, probation and parole, corrections, social services and other positions within the criminal justice system.

The course sequence is designed to allow students to complete general education courses pertinent to a liberal arts education concurrently with required major courses exposing them to the varied interconnected components of the American Criminal Justice System. Traditional students also have the option of selecting elective courses to satisfy a concentration in law enforcement or pre-law, but they are not required to do so, and instead, could choose to double major or minor in another discipline.

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There are numerous opportunities for internship experience in Criminal Justice, including several that are offered every semester on and off campus, as well as, some that are created for individual students through a hometown or other contact for a particular semester or summer.

Previous Internship Sites

  • Federal District Court, Bluefield, WV
  • Tazewell County Sheriff’s Office
  • Bluefield, VA Police Department
  • Prisons
  • Law Offices
  • Bluefield College Campus Safety

Major Outcomes

The traditional program prepares the traditional college student for entry into the criminal justice system, and allows them to experience the various components in their courses and internships to discover their passion. For example, law enforcement students can change their mind in their senior year and decide to go to law school upon graduation – the major requirements for both concentrations are the same. Advisors in the department encourage completion of several internships in varied agencies in order for students to experience the reality of many different types of criminal justice careers and the day-to-day demands of that position.

Career Opportunities

  • Corrections – officer and counselor
  • Probation/parole officer
  • Juvenile detention – officer and counselor
  • Criminalist
  • Lawyer/prosecution, public defender, child advocate
  • Private policing and security

Graduate Schools Attended by Alumni

  • Appalachian Law School
  • Mercer Law School
  • Baylor Law School
  • Harvard Law School
  • WVU College of Law
  • Radford University Graduate programs – Criminology