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Courses for the Graphic Communication Major

The Graphic Communication Major provides professional training and theoretical preparation for either graduate study or employment in digital graphic media.

For the bachelor’s degree in Graphic Communication, a student must complete the general requirements, specialized requirements and electives. No minor is required in this area although students may elect to pursue a minor if they so desire. 


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Graphic Communication Major
General Education & Degree Requirements 51 SH
Major Requirements 39 SH
ART 1013 Drawing Fundamentals
ART 1033 Design Problems
ART/COM 1283 Typography Design & History
ART 2043 Printmaking I
COM 2053 Media Writing
ART/COM 2283 Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop
COM 3013 Media Effects & Society
BUS 3023 Principles of Marketing
ART 3033 Photography
COM/BUS 3203 Public Relations I or COM 3243 Advertising & Promotions
ART/COM 3283 QuarkXPress & InDesign
ART/COM 4283 Dreamweaver & Flash
COM 4603 or ART 3113 Internship
Within Major Electives 12 SH
Choose 12 additional semester hours of the following:
COM 1013 Mass Communication
ART 1413 Art Appreciation or ART 2413 Studies in Modern Art
ART 2013 Figure Drawing
ART 2053 Painting I
ART 3043 Printmaking II
COM 3203 Public Relations I
COM 3243 Advertising & Promotions
COM 3303 Public Relations II
ART/COM 3501, 3502, 3503 Directed Study in Art/Communications
COM 4003 Media Law
COM 4013 Media Ethics
BUS 4643 Internet Technologies
Capstone Expierence 3 SH
ART 4183 Portfolio Presentation
Electives 21 SH
Total 126 SH


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Course Descriptions

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