Courses for the Exercise and Sport Science Major

The mission of the Exercise and Sport Science Department is to enable students to pursue career goals in the fields of exercise, sport science, sport management, and leisure studies. Activity classes assist students in adopting a healthy lifestyle and developing life-long habits of fitness.

The B.S. and B.A. degrees are offered in Exercise and Sport Science. The student may choose from three concentrations within the Exercise and Sport Science major based on career goals. These options include Sport Medicine, Sport Science: Teacher Licensure, and Recreation and Sport Management. For information on teacher licensure, see the Teacher Education Handbook.

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Sport Medicine Concentration
General Education & Degree Requirements 51 SH
BIO 2014 or 1114, CHM 1014 Required
Core Courses 9 SH
ESS 2023, 2603, 3303
Concentration Courses 32-33 SH
ESS 1131, 1333, 2063, 2233, 3003, 3343, 3403, 4206, 4223, 4313, HEA 3513
Minor and Electives 33-34 SH
Total 126 SH

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Recreation and Sport Management Concentration
General Education & Degree Requirements 51 SH
BIO 1034, BIO 1114 or 2014 Required
Core Courses 12 SH
ESS 2023, 2603, 3303, 3633
Concentration Courses 33 SH
ESS 2073, 3053, 3103, 3153, 3203, 3603, 3623, 4219, BUS 3013
Minor and Electives 30 SH
Total 126 SH

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Course Descriptions

ESS 1131 Exercise Leadership
Is a course designed to instruct students of exercise and sport science practical skills necessary to teach group exercise classes. The course focuses on the specific exercises and techniques needed for moving to music, designing choreography, and cueing. Students are also provided the opportunity to explore the most popular varieties of group exercise classes. (Spring)

ESS 1333 Lifeguarding
This college level swimming course also includes the American Red Cross (ARC) LIFEGUARDING course. This course is designed to help prepare conditioned, highly-skilled swimmers to carry out the duties of a lifeguard. This course may not meet all requirements for those desiring lifeguard positions in some aquatic environments. Successful completion of ARC water and written exams may lead to the acquiring of a Lifeguard certificate, subject to instructor’s evaluation of student’s level of skill, judgment and maturity. (Spring)

ESS 1351 Personal Fitness
This course is designed to empower students to get fit, make friends and have fun - not just for a single semester, but for a lifetime. Combining principles of exercise and health science with multi-million dollar exercise facilities, this course will enable students to assess, design and engage in scientifically sound, individualized exercise programs. Due to the many physical, psychological and relational benefits that may result from this course, students are urged to enroll in their first year. (Fall and Spring)

ESS 1361 Racquet Sports
This course provides students with experiences in acquiring the fundamental skills to participate in and instruct racquetball, tennis, table tennis, & badminton. (Fall)

ESS 2012 Aquatic Leadership
This is a practicum in aquatic leadership, which requires the student to have a WSI or permission of instructor. Prerequisites: WSI and Instructor’s Permission. (Spring)

ESS 2023 First Aid and Basic Athletic Injury
Students will explore the role of the athletic trainer and coaches in the prevention, recognition, and treatment of injuries to athletes. The course will emphasize the immediate care of serious and life threatening injuries and illnesses and recognition, immediate treatment, secondary treatment, and rehabilitation of common athletic injuries. Students will learn various basic techniques of taping, wrapping, bracing, and pad construction, and the use of selected basic treatment modalities. This course will give students a comprehensive foundation and introduction into the basics of athletic training, principles of first aid, safety, and CPR. Certification in first aid and CPR is offered. Prerequisite: HEA 2003. Required of all ESS Department majors. (Fall)

ESS 2063 Exercise Testing and Prescription
This course covers exercise physiology and related topics in exercise science needed to understand and apply the foundational principles for fitness testing and exercise programming. In addition, human behaviors related to exercise adherence and proper nutrition are explored. Finally, this course investigates important aspects of program administration associated with personal training. (Fall)

ESS 2071, 2072, 2073 Exercise and Sport Science Internship
Where opportunities are available, the student might help teach courses from the basic activity program, work within some phase of the intercollegiate Athletic program, or assume a position of leadership within an agency. Prerequisites: SO standing and GPA of 2.0. See Criteria for Internships on p. 145. (Fall)

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ESS 2081, 2082, 2083 Intramural Internship
The administration, supervision, and practical educational application of all facets of the intramural-recreational sports program at the College. For information and application see the Director of Intramural/Recreational sports. See Criteria for Internships on p. 145. (On Demand)

ESS 2233 Motor Learning
An examination of the processes underlying the acquisition of motor skill performance and the practical application of motor learning principles in teaching, coaching and exercise science settings. (Spring)

ESS 2253 Theory of Coaching Basketball and Track
Basic skills, theories, practices, rules analysis, and techniques for coaching. Prerequisite: ESS 2113. (On Demand)

ESS 2263 Theory of Coaching Baseball and Football
Theory and practice in the fundamentals as well as review of the various systems and types of strategies. Prerequisite: ESS 2113. (On Demand)

ESS 2273 Theory of Coaching Volleyball and Softball
Theory and practice in the fundamentals as well as review of the various systems of play. Prerequisite: ESS 2113. (On Demand)

ESS 2603 Foundations of Exercise, Sport Science, and Recreation
This purpose of this course is twofold. The first part of the course provides students with self-analysis tools whereby each student can individually understand what occupations best match their unique make-up. The second part of the course examines the diversity of careers available in the ESSR attempting to match student’ career interests with career opportunities in the ESSR profession. (Spring)

ESS 3003 PE for the Young Child
Emphasis is given to the growth, development, and characteristics of children as they relate to physical activity. The course includes an in-depth study of fundamental movements, developmental skill levels, and movement education for the young child. (Fall)

ESS 3053 Administration of Sports and Recreation
This course examines organizational and administrative patterns for conducting a recreation program in a variety of settings. Prerequisite: SO Standing. (Spring)

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ESS 3103 Individual and Dual Sports
This course assists the student in developing competency in a variety of individual and lifetime sports. It includes organization and administration of individual and dual sports programs. Prerequisite: JR Standing. (Spring)

ESS 3153 Team Sports
This course assists the student in developing competency in a variety of team sports. Students will be tested as to their skill level in a variety of team sports. The course seeks to improve the student’s proficiency in these team sports. Prerequisite: JR Standing. (Fall)

ESS 3203 Outdoor Recreation
This course develops student proficiency in outdoor recreational activities such as compass reading, camping, canoeing, and hiking. Classroom and wilderness settings are utilized. Prerequisite: SO Standing. (On Demand)

ESS 3303 Exercise Physiology
This course gives emphasis to physiological adjustments and changes occurring in the human organism as a result of physical activity. The physiology of muscular contraction and the roles of the circulatory and respiratory systems in exercise are included. Prerequisites: BIO 2024 or Instructor’s Permission. (Fall)

ESS 3343 Kinesiology
Emphasis is given to a study of human movement from the point of view of the physical sciences, including the relationship of anatomy to the mechanics of movement. Prerequisites: BIO 1114 or BIO 2024 or Instructor’s Permission. (Spring)

ESS 3403 Tests and Measurements for Exercise and Sport Science
This course includes experiences in the development and application of various tests and evaluation techniques and their uses in Exercise and Sport Science measurement and evaluation. Prerequisites: MAT 2023 or Instructor’s Permission. (Spring)

ESS 3501, 3502, 3503 Directed Studies in Exercise and Sport Science
This course offers the student the opportunity to explore topics of interest under the direction of a faculty member. Variable credit. Prerequisites: JR standing and Instructor’s Permission. (On Demand)

ESS 3603 Methods and Curriculum for PE K-12
This course examines methods along with curriculum development for physical education and sports in the kindergarten, primary grades, middle school, and high school settings. Practicum experiences are required at multiple levels. Prerequisites: ESS 3003 and JR Standing. (Spring)

ESS 3623 Facility Design and Management
This course examines the design and management of recreation and sport facilities. (Fall)

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ESS 3633 Sport Law
This course examines state and federal legislation specific to sport with emphasis placed on the ability to identify and apply various areas of law to the sports industry. (Spring)

ESS 4133 Adapted Physical Education
This course includes an in-depth study of the characteristics, learning considerations, and adaptations for the exceptional child including the gifted, mentally retarded, visually impaired, deaf or hard of hearing, physically impaired, learning disabled, and emotionally disturbed. This course includes a practicum experience. Prerequisites: EDU 2043 and eligibility for admission to TEP. (On Demand)

ESS 4206 Sport Medicine Internship
The student is placed in a clinical, hospital based, and/or wellness and fitness setting under the supervision of an exercise specialist, physical therapist, physician or other professional allied health worker. Observation and guided hands-on practice are provided in the conducting of physiologic assessments, exercise recommendations, and supervised exercise sessions. Textbook and classroom material will emphasize EKG interpretation, metabolic calculations, and applied exercise physiology concepts. This experience is designed to help prepare students for American College of Sport Medicine Health and Fitness Instructor exam which students are strongly encouraged to take upon course completion. Placement is for 15 weeks. Prerequisites: ESS 2023, 2073, 3303, 3403, 3343, 4223 and possession of an appropriate liability insurance policy. See Criteria for Internships on p. 145. (Spring)

ESS 4213 Sport Psychology
An overview of essential psychological considerations involved in athletic participation, athletic training, and in coaching athletic teams. Prerequisite: PSY 1013. (On Demand)

ESS 4219 Recreation & Sport Management Internship
This course involves placement of the student in a recreational setting under the supervision of recreation and college personnel. The student begins with observation and limited participation and ends by assuming major responsibility for the recreation program. Placement is for a period of 15 weeks. Prerequisites: ESS 2073, JR Standing, and one semester prior approval by student’s advisor. See Criteria for Internships on p. 145.

ESS 4223 Therapeutic Exercise
A study of clinical sports therapy techniques used in the rehabilitation and reconditioning of musculoskeletal disorders. The course includes goniometry, manual muscle testing, therapeutic and resistance exercises and proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation. Prerequisites: BIO 2013 or 1113, ESS 2023, 2073, 3343, 3403 and 3303.

ESS 4313 Foundations of Strength & Conditioning
The study of current principles and procedures essential to strength training and conditioning practices. Emphasis is placed on the development and practical applications of aerobic conditioning, joint flexibility, and muscular strength, power and endurance programs. Prerequisites: BIO 1113 or 2023, ESS 3303 and 3343 or Instructor’s Discretion. (Spring)

ESS 4413 Internship in Strength & Conditioning
This course is offered concurrently with ESS 4313 and involves the placement of the student in a wellness or fitness center under the supervision of a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist or NSCA-Certified Personal Trainer. Observation and guided hands-on practice is provided in the area of strength training and conditioning while applying the physiological foundations of strength & conditioning. Prerequisites: BIO 1113 or 2023, ESS 3303 & 3343, and concurrently with ESS 4313, or Instructor’s Discretion. (On Demand)

ESS 4501, 4502. 4503 Special Topics in Exercise and Sport Science
The student will engage in class instruction, research and analysis of specific topics with a view to providing a more in-depth knowledge and understanding of such areas of concern. Prerequisite: JR/SR Standing. (On Demand)

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