Courses for the Communication Major

The Communication program provides professional training and preparation for either graduate study or employment in the communication field. Employment opportunities encompass work in journalism, public relations, advertising, and promotions.

For a bachelor’s degree in Communication, students must complete the general requirements, major requirements, requirements in either Journalism or Marketing Communication concentrations, and electives. No minor is required in this area although students may elect to pursue a minor if they so desire.

The Communication degree is unique because it provides hands-on experience in journalism and marketing communication that will better prepare graduates for their careers. Textbook principles are applied on a daily basis and students learn how to handle media at various levels.

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 Communication Major 
General Education & Degree Requirements 51 SH
Communication Core Requirements 30 SH
COM 1013, 2053, 2073, 3013, 3203, 4003, 4013, 4143
Either COM/ART 2283 or COM/ART 3283
COM 4603 Internship
Concentration (choose one) 15 SH
1. Journalisim Concentration
COM 3073, COM 3083, ENG 4036, COM 4123, Com 4413
2. Marketing Communication Concentration
BUS 3023, COM/BUS 3243, COM 3303, BUS/COM 4413, COM 4133
Electives 30 SH
Total 126 SH

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Course Descriptions

COM 1013 Mass Communications
An overview of broadcasting, print, Internet, and film in society. Emphasis on contemporary issues, processes, interrelationships, and impact of the mass media. (Fall)

COM 1023 Fundamentals of Speech
Performance-oriented training and experience including informative, entertaining, commemorative and persuasive speaking. (Every Semester)


COM 1283 Typography Design and History (Same as ART 1283)
An examination of the history of graphic art, fundamental terminology, the five classical type font groups, design elements associated with typography for various media, and preparation for printing. (Alternate Years)

COM 2013 Oral Interpretation (same as THR 2013)
Performance oriented development of skills in oral reading of dramatic literature, prose, and poetry. (On Demand)

COM 2053 Media Writing
An introduction to various types of mass media writing – print and broadcast journalism, public relations, advertising, and online media – and training in skills including information gathering, interviewing, organizing, writing and revising media writing. (Fall)

COM 2073 Journalism
Instruction and practice in news writing, news gathering, and writing in-depth investigation news stories. While the class will help students in journalistic writing and newspaper production it emphasizes the elements of accuracy, clarity and ethics in reporting. (Spring)

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COM 2283 Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop (same as ART 2283)
An introduction to computer graphics using Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. (Alternate Years)

COM 3013 Media Effects and Society
An examination of the theory and research associated with mass communication. (Alternate Years, Fall)

COM 3203 Public Relations I (same as BUS 3203)
Overview of the history of public relations in American society. Study of theories and methods involved in successful communicationbetween organizations and their publics. (Spring)

COM 3303 Public Relations II
Advanced training in decision-making skills related to the development, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation of public relations materials. This course involves practical application of communication knowledge to public relations situations in the U.S. and around the globe. Prerequisites: COM 2053, 2073 and 3203.(Alternate Years, Spring)

COM 3073 Editing and Design
Advanced training in features, column, and editorial writing, and in-depth news reporting and interviewing techniques. Prerequisite: COM 2073. (Alternate Fall)

COM 3083 Advanced Editing
Advanced training in design, layout, photography, and advertising sales and design. Prerequisite: COM 2073 or Instructor’s Approval. (On Demand)

COM 3243 Advertising and Promotions (Same as BUS 3243)
A comprehensive examination of the research, planning and production required to create and evaluate advertising campaigns. Attention is given to the interrelationship among advertising creative strategy, management issues and message impact. Prerequisite: BUS 3023. (Alternate Spring)

COM 3283 QuarkXPress & InDesign (Same as ART 3283)
An introduction to computer graphic page layout using QuarkXPress and InDesign. (Alternate Years)

COM 3501, 3502, 3503 Directed Study in Communications
This course offers the student the opportunity to explore topics of interest under the direction of a faculty member. Variable credit. (On Demand)

COM 4003 Media Law
An examination of the issues involved in freedom of speech and freedom of the press. Topics covered include the history, social custom, and legal philosophy of communication law with the focus being on the practical application of current legal principles. The course has as its aim the instilling of a greater appreciation for the issues behind freedom of expression, the providing of an overview of the diverse field of communication law, and the imparting of a functional understanding of the legal rules and principles that are generally most relevant to communication professionals. (Alternate Years, Fall)

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COM 4013 Media Ethics
An examination of the process involved in developing a meaningful understanding of the ethics of the professions of journalism and mass communications. The course seeks to help the student develop a framework for making ethical judgments using a systematic approach to moral reasoning that combines ethical theory with the practice of ethics as encountered by medial professionals. (Alternate Years, Spring)

COM 4023 Managing a Media Organization
This course allows students the opportunity to engage in hands-on management of the college student newspaper. It will address the specific and unique needs of managing a media organization; in particular those writing skills needed to organize an ongoing operation and to manage a large staff. Prerequisite: Instructor’s Approval. (On demand)

COM 4113 Internet Marketing (Same as BUS 4113)
This course provides an introduction to internet marketing, framing the market opportunity, marketing strategy in internet marketing, drafting the customer interface, designing the marketing program, branding, pricing, promotion, public relations, designing the market space matrix and evaluating the marketing program. (On Demand)

COM 4123 Seminar in Journalism
This course (along with COM 4143 Senior Project) is designed as a capstone experience for the major. Reading, reflection and discussions are used for in-depth examinations of current practices, policies and theories relating to journalism. Students select topics and complete literature reviews that relate to their senior projects. Prerequisite: JR/SR Standing. (Fall)

COM 4133 Seminar in Marketing Communication
This course (along with COM 4143 Senior Project) is designed as a capstone experience for the major. Reading, reflection and discussions are used for indepth examinations of current practices, policies and theories relating to marketing communication. Students select topics and complete literature reviews that relate to their senior projects. Prerequisite: JR/SR Standing. (Fall)

COM 4143 Senior Project
The student will engage in class instruction, research, and analysis of specific topics with a view to providing a more in-depth knowledge and understanding of such areas of concern. Also, senior project required of each major. Prerequisite: JR/SR Standing (Spring)

COM 4283 Computer Graphics using QuarkXPress and Dreamweaver (Same as ART 4283)
An introduction to computer graphics using Dreamweaver and Flash. (Alternate Years)

COM 4413 Topics in Journalism
Students will engage in class instruction, research and writing projects to develop more in-depth knowledge and understanding in a specialized area of journalism. (On Demand)

COM 4503 Special Topics in Communication
The student will engage in class instruction, research, and writing projects to develop expertise in a specialized area of communications. (On Demand)

COM 4601, 4602, 4603 Internships
On and off-campus work experience with newspaper, radio, television, ad agencies, or other media-related organizations. Requires periodic meetings with instructor and a critique of the experience including skills assessment and diary.

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