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Courses for the Christian Studies Major

The Department of Christian Studies offers one major and three minors: the Christian Studies Major (Bachelor of Arts only), the Christian Studies Minor, the Biblical Languages Minor, and the Youth Ministry Minor. For the bachelor’s degree in Christian Studies, a student must complete the general education requirements, major requirements (Core, Tracks, and Electives) and a minor in another field.

Christian Vocations

Bluefield College has long been involved in preparing students to enter fulltime Christian vocations. Such vocations include careers both inside and outside of the church. We encourage students interested in this broad field to continue with seminary education after college if at all possible, and our program is designed with that goal in mind. Faculty members who have had seminary training and/or ministry experience are available to provide further counsel to students regarding curriculum choices.


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 First Year 
ENG 1013, 1023 6 SH
CST 1113, 1123 6 SH
History 3 SH
Freshman Seminar 1 SH
Biblical Language* 6 SH
Speech 3 SH
Math 3 SH
Minor, Electives 6 SH
Total 31 SH
 Second Year
Lab Science 4 SH
Fine Arts 3 SH
CST 1413 3 SH
Biblical Language(2nd Year) 6 SH
CST 2213 3 SH
CST 2313 3 SH
Social Science 3 SH
ESS 1351 1 SH
Minor, Electives 6 SH
Total 32 SH
 Third Year 
Literature 3 SH
Health 3 SH
Advanced OT or NT 3 SH
CST 3313 or 3323** 3 SH
CST 3613** 3 SH
CST Tracks and Electives 12 SH
Minor, Electives 6 SH
Total 33 SH
 Fourth Year
History, Social Science, Science, Literature, Fine Arts*** 6 SH
CST 4013 3 SH
Advanced OT or NT 3 SH
CST Track and Electives 12 SH
Minor, Electives 6 SH
Total 30 SH

*The language may be started in the student’s second year. CST students are not required to take a biblical language to fulfill the B.A. requirement, though this is strongly recommended. Please note that first year Greek and first year Hebrew begin in alternating fall semesters. We recommend that CST majors consider the complementary Biblical Languages minor.

**The course may be taken in the fourth year instead. In that case the student would choose another 6 SH in minor or elective courses in the third year. Note: student must take these courses in the third year if offered since these are only offered every other year.

***Choose one additional course from two of these areas.


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Course Descriptions

CST 1103 Biblical Perspectives (inSPIRE programs only)
An intensive overview of the Old and New Testaments.

CST 1113 Old Testament Survey
A general survey of the history, literature, and basic ideas of the Old Testament. (Every Semester)

CST 1123 New Testament Survey
An overview of the New Testament and the history, literary forms, and social settings which are relevant to an informed understanding of the New Testament documents. (Every Semester)

CST 1413 Introduction to Philosophy
A general introduction to the origins, branches, issues, and personalities in Western philosophy. (Every Semester)

CST 1423 Critical Reasoning
A study of the basic terms and rules of deductive and inductive logic. Students develop skill in identifying, understanding, and evaluating arguments. Students also develop skill in recognizing logical fallacies and criticizing empirical generalizations and empirical theories. (On Demand)

CST 2013 Travel and Excavation in the Middle East
Participants will travel to archaeological sites-particularly in Israel and/or take part in an excavation. No prerequisites but CST 1113 and 1123 suggested. (On Demand)

CST 2213 Introduction to Ministry
A general overview of the Christian ministry including spiritual formation for ministry and the nature of ministry in the church and church-related settings. Students also examine the call to ministry, leadership in ministry and the functions of ministry. (Every Fall)

CST 2223 Introduction to Missions
An introductory study of the biblical, theological, and historical bases of Christian missions. (On Demand)

CST 2313 Introduction to Christian Theology
A general introduction to the major beliefs and major theologians of the Christian faith. The study gives special attention to Christian beliefs about God, humanity, Jesus Christ, salvation, the church, and the kingdom of God. Prerequisites: CST 1113 and 1123. (Fall)

CST 2233 Introduction to Preaching
An introduction to the gathering, organization, and delivery of sermonic materials. Prerequisites: JR Standing and CST 1113, 1123. (On Demand)

CST 2403 Ethics (inSPIRE programs only)
An intensive introduction to ethical theory and decision making.


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CST 3003 Directed Study in Christian Studies
This course offers the student the opportunity to explore topics of interest under the direction of a faculty member. Prerequisite: JR Standing. (On Demand)

CST 3011, 3012, 3013 Academic Internship
Students selected for this internship will assist the Christian Studies Faculty by conducting study sessions for Old Testament Survey, New Testament Survey, Introduction to Philosophy; showing videos and proctoring tests when the instructor has to be absent; and teach at least one class session in at least one of these courses. This class will provide selected students the opportunity to get hands-on experience in higher education. Credit varies from one to three hours. Prerequisites: JR Status and permission of the College or School Dean.

CST 3113 Studies in the Prophets
A study of the prophets, their messages, and their methods in the context of their time and place. Prerequisite: CST 1113. (Every third Fall)

CST 3123 Studies in the Psalms and Wisdom Literature
A study of Job, Psalms, Proverbs, and Ecclesiastes placing them in the context of Old Testament theology and other Ancient Near Eastern literature. Prerequisite: CST 1113. (Every third Fall)

CST 3133 Formation & History of the Hebrew Kingdoms
An examination of the history of Israel found in Joshua, Judges, Samuel, Kings, and Chronicles from the settlement of Canaan to the destruction of Judah. Prerequisite: CST 1113. (Every third Fall)

CST 3173 Johannine Literature
A study of the gospel of John, the three letters of John, and the Book of Revelation focusing on major literary similarities and differences between those books, important themes in each, and the social setting of each. Prerequisite: CST 1123. (Every third Spring)

CST 3213 Ministry Internship
Students gain academic credit for supervised ministry in a church or other ministry opportunity. Prerequisite: CST 2213. (On Demand)

CST 3313 History of the Christian Church I
A survey of the history of the Christian Church from the first century A. D. to the Reformation. (Alternating Fall)

CST 3323 History of the Christian Church II
A survey of the history of the Christian Church from the Reformation to the contemporary period. (Alternating Spring)


CST 3413 Philosophy of Religion
A philosophical examination of the nature of Religious beliefs in the context of the total human experience. (On Demand)

CST 3613 World Religions
A survey of the history, beliefs, practices, and major divisions of the major religions of the world. Prerequisite: CST 1113 and 1123. (Alternating Spring)

CST 3713 Philosophy of Youth Ministry
A study of the philosophical, theological, and methodological issues foundational 91to effective youth ministry in the congregational setting. Prerequisite: CST 2213. (Alternating Spring)


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CST 4013 Senior Seminar
This is the capstone course for the major and must be taken in the spring semester of the year in which the student plans to graduate. The course is composed of reviews of the upper level courses in the major as well as the treatment of career related topics. (Every Spring)

CST 4153 Exilic and Post-Exilic History of the Jews
A study of the Jewish people from 587 B.C. to A.D. 135 utilizing canonical and deuterocanonical-literature. Prerequisite: CST 1113. (On Demand)

CST 4163 The Synoptic Gospels and Acts
A study of Matthew, Mark, and Luke-Acts in their historical and literary contexts and the relationship among these gospels. Prerequisite: CST 1123 (Every third Spring)

CST 4173 Pauline Literature
A study of major issues in the interpretation of the letters attributed to Paul. Treatment of the social setting of these letters, major themes characteristic of Paul, and an overview of attempts to write a chronology of his life. Prerequisite: CST 1123. (Every third Spring)

CST 4353 Antisemitism, Christianity, & the Holocaust
An examination of the development and manifestations of antisemitism throughout history (especially Nazi Germany 1933-1945) including the present day with emphasis on “Christian” antisemitism. (On Demand)

CST 4413 Christian Ethics
An introduction to the theory and practice of Christian ethics with specific application to contemporary ethical issues. This class emphasizes the importance of virtue and character formation and the use of Scripture in ethics. (On Demand)

CST 4503 Special Topics in Christian Studies
Class instruction, research, and writing will be used to explore special topics in Christian studies. Prerequisite: JR/SR Standing. (On Demand)

CST 4713 Youth Ministry Internship
An opportunity for students to acquire practical ministry experience in youth ministry. Prerequisites: CST 1113, 1123, 2213, and 3713. (On Demand)


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