Communication Major Overview

Communication is among the most dynamic fields of study as it encompasses new technology, new theories, and new approaches for examining complex interactions between people. The implications are profound. Our understanding of identity, community, aesthetics, ethics, business, leisure, and just about every fragment of our lives is being transformed.

As a Communication major you’ll complete some foundation coursework and then choose from a considerable range of classes that fit your specialized interests and career goals. You’ll be furnished with the technology and tools to hone your skills in the craft of finding and conveying stories, whether it is for journalism or marketing purposes.

Hands-on learning in and outside the classroom is emphasized. Meaningful internships, a Mac Lab with state-of-the-art software, a student-run newspaper, and a capstone experience will build your critical thinking skills and prepare you for graduate school or exciting careers in areas such as journalism, advertising, and public relations. The Communication faculty believe in a robust learning environment where we exchange ideas to create and analyze messages in a mutually respectful and encouraging atmosphere.


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Communication Major Internships

Internship experiences are an essential part of the Communication program to help students transition from the classroom to the professional setting. Students are encouraged to seek full-time internships during the summer or may choose to do part-time, local internships as part of their semester coursework.

Adventure Radio, Bluefield, WV

Bluefield College Alumni Relations, Public Relations, and Sports Information

Bluefield Daily Telegraph, Bluefield, WV

Capital Connections Southwest, Richmond, VA

Clinch Valley Press, Richlands, VA

Dori Wilson Public Relations, Chicago, IL

ESPN Radio, Bluefield, WV

Harley Davidson Motorcycles, Bluefield, WV

LifeWay, Nashville, TN

Princeton Times, Princeton, WV

United Way, Bluefield, WV

Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation

WVVA, Bluefield, WV

WDBJ, Roanoke, VA

Communication Major Outcomes

Communication is among the fastest changing fields of study. Digital communication is transforming nearly every part of our lives including how we connect, organize, collaborate, create, publish, think, govern, solve problems, and make sense of our world and ourselves. The Communication faculty is constantly updating curriculum to help students be more active consumers and creators of media in our global village of shared information.

Career Opportunities

Advertising Account Executive
Advertising Copywriter
Creative Director
Feature Writer
Interactive Media Manager
Marketing Specialist
Media Analyst

Newspaper, Magazine, or Book Editor
News Director
Product Promotion Writer
Public Relations Manager
Research & Editorial Specialist
Sports Marketer

Positions Held by Alumni

Bluefield College, Alumni Relations
Bluefield Daily Telegraph, Sports Reporter
Bluefield Daily Telegraph, Lifestyle Editor
Chick-fil-a, Local Marketing Director
Clinch Valley News, Reporter
Compassion International, Features Specialist
EME, Artists and Repertoire Promotion Manager
CRA Marketing Manager, Pompano Beach, FL
Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation, Visitor Services Specialist

Freelance Photographer
Longwood University, Admissions Counselor
Princeton Times, Reporter
Sun Trust, Marketing Assistant
Thomasville Times, Sports Editor
Wolf Creek Museum General Manager
WVVA, Weather Reporter and Multimedia Journalist

Graduate Schools Attended

Pennsylvania State University

Xavier University

Boucher College

Liberty University

Clubs and Organizations

The Rampage Club - This student organization manages and contributes articles to the online student newspaper, The Rampage.

Contact Information

Dr. Cynthia L. Bascom

Professor of Communication and Chair of Departments of Communication and Graphic Communication





Adriana Moreno

Adriana Moreno

Class of  2016

"Learning experiences in the Bluefield College Communication Department can be amazing, life fulfilling, and a dream come true. During my semester abroad, I met the most amazing people from all over the world and truly enjoyed some of the happiest moments in my life.” Read more.

Harry Casseus

Harry Casseus

Class of  2016

“The Bluefield College Department of Communication gave me a once in a lifetime opportunity when they allowed me to study off-campus for a semester with Hollywood professionals. I’m polishing my script writing skills and learning so much about myself and what it takes to be a successful writer. This is a major step toward fulfilling my dream of one day working in the film industry.”